Glibby, Glop,Gloopy-Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF 15 vs Kiehl’s SPF 30

In my search to extend sun protection from my face to my neck, arms and legs, I tried Kiehl’s SPF 30, Creme de Corps, Lightweight Body Lotion.  Pleasantly scented like coconut milk, I really love the fact I can protect my skin from the Hawaiian sun.  It’s a little pricey at $28 for a small 8.4 fl.oz bottle, so I looked in the drugstore for some options. Settled on Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion with SPF 15, priced at $10.89 for 13.5 fl.oz.   Much lower spf protection, than my beloved Kiehl’s, but I bought it anyway in the name of economy.

Talk about sticky and thick.  I believe the sunscreens made for the beach go on better and smoother.  The Eucerin product has that synthetic feel to the formula, that I don’t care for.  Kind of like spreading on that stuff you caulk your bathroom tile with, oh yeah, that is caulk.

Anyway, as is my habit, I slather on the product generously, and go on with my day. Within a couple of hours, I feel like my skin can’t breathe, like it’s encased in a rubber kitchen glove.

Thumbs down on the product.  Less than superior spf, and terrible consistency.  I’ll stick to Kiehl’s until further notice.