Wrinkles? Now You See-em, Now You Don’t!


Wrinkles (Photo credit: scoutjacobus)

Just kidding.  But I did want to say something about the difference between wrinkles at rest and wrinkles in motion.  Wrinkles in motion are those nice little crinkles that appear when you are cracking up at a funny joke.  A wrinkle in motion goes away when you stop smiling, or make some expression, because your skin still has great elasticity.  A wrinkle at rest refers to the lines that remain after you stop smiling and stay there if you have no expression on your face and are just looking in the mirror.

I’m not a physician or esthetician, but I read a lot, so this is my opinion from gathering what I’ve read, and my experience doing marketing for a physician for 4 years.

Wrinkles in motion.  I remember looking at a handsome guy I know who is about 10 years older than myself.  Right around when he turned 40, he was chatting and smiling and I noticed when he smiled, crows feet appeared around his eyes.  When I turned 40, I looked for the same phenomenon. I think it probably happened at 45 ish-but I noticed a definite wrinkling around the eyes.  Almost a pulling sensation.

I’ve always “creamed up” my face, but the thing about wrinkles in motion is it heralds the time that you have to get serious about your skin so you can prevent, or at least keep them from becoming wrinkles at rest.

After you have committed to the obvious moisturizing, plenty of sleep,limited alcohol and sugar,  lots of sunscreen and you avoid tugging at your skin, then I suggest a little self training. What that means is, whenever you start to frown and feel yourself furrowing your brows, STOP!  Take a breath, and smooth out your brows by pulling them apart ( not physically, with your mind).  The other thing I do is when I sneeze, I apply some pressure to my frown point so it won’t furrow from the sneezing action.  Silly, but it works.

One of the best preventative steps is to do botox.  In my experience, after you’ve done botox a few times, the muscles start forgetting how to crinkle. Last treatment was going on two years ago for me.  More on botox in another post because it’s a case of you get what you pay for–beware that you may get an over diluted solution of botox injection by some.

Some mornings I wake up and I have furrows in my brow, from bad dreams or after effects of stress-so I drink a lot of water, put on extra moisturizer, gently massage the area with cream, and go to sleep early.  Believe it or not those little wings that your mom or grandma put on prior to sleeping at night work – I think they are called frownies.  They stop you from making expressions in your sleep–just make sure you rinse with a lot of water before peeling it off. Oh yeah, leave them for a night that you will be alone or your significant person won’t make fun of you.

Wrinkles at rest. Once you have wrinkles that stick around when you have no expression, it’s time to bring out the real stuff.  Once again, botox to the rescue to stop more wrinkles forming,  If the wrinkles are pretty deep you might consider a derma filler-I heard they are very painful. If the wrinkles are pretty fine, topical vitamin C, or retin A are good options.  I like vitamin C-I use the Kiehl’s Power Line Concentrate.  It’s more gentle than Skinceuticals CE Ferulic.  Whatever product you use, it takes commitment, usually twice a day, for 6 months to see results.  And wear sunscreen even if you are indoors!

The next steps involve lasers, strong peels and surgical remedies.  Best to consult a professional.

My regimen–At 50, I’m still at the wrinkles at rest stage.  For day, I use Orlane Thermal Lift for Eye, Kiehl’s Power Concentrate, Keihl’s Rosa Artica, and Clarin’s SPF 40 Sunscreen.  I smear on my Rosa Artica under my eyes–I love this cream!  Then during the day I dab around my eyes and nasolabial folds around my mouth when it feels dry or I’ve been walking in and out of the sun.

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