My Favorite Sunscreen – Clarins SPF 40

Hands down, my favorite sunscreen for face is Clarin’s SPF 40.  Smells good, goes on like silk, and SPF 40, what more could you ask for? I first started using Clarins, but strayed a few times when someone else offered something attractive.  Like the Lancome Mexoral product – I am amazed that for a cosmetic company, their sunscreen is terrible under make up.  I do take the step of waiting a few moments before applying primer – so it’s not that.

(I wrote this special brochure for aging skin if you want to check it out: 

Here in Hawaii,  wearing sunscreen of at least spf 30 is required. Everyday, 365. Somedays in Kakaako, I feel the sun practically burning the skin off my face!  (Thus, you’ll often see me with my rainbow striped umbrella walking across the parking lot to Neiman Marcus).

My Mom, who lives on Maui, introduced me to Ocean Potion for Face – SPF 30-it actually works well for my pre serious make up routine. Most mornings before I go to dance class I do treatment, moisturize, sunscreen, brows, eye liner, mascara and lips before heading out.  The Ocean Potion for Faces and Banana Boat for Face products are fine for the top layer that faces the sun.

Other sunscreens I have known:

Clinique – I’ve used their City Block and Super Defense.  I just can’t get past the weird texture – kind of plastic-ky.

Shiseido – I used to love their compact until my skin got too dry to tolerate.  The stick smells nice, but too thick. Tried out their new products but didn’t like them either.

Oil of Olay – believe it or not, there is actually a pre cursor to the pre serious make up sunscreen.  I often take the doggies out for a walk, so when I wake up I put Olay Complete for the early morning sun.  Gives me a little moisture.  For years, when I woke up I would splash a little water on my face, then seal it in with Keihl’s panthenone cream with A,C,E vitamins.

Aveeno- allergic reaction.

Skinceuticals with Titanium – I read somewhere that the titanium exacerbates darkening of the skin, or brown spots if you are allergic.

Oh well, I’m wandering at this point.  Just say sunscreen, 365 days a year, rain or shine. Indoors and outdoors.  All the time.  Period.


Put a lot on!!!!