Please Don’t Tug On Your Face!

I belong to a gym and looooovvve my dance classes.  In the locker room, we have vanity mirrors to get ready for the day with our selection of creams and potions.

One thing, I have always been fascinated with is watching people do their grooming routine.  As a little girl, I used to watch my Dad shave and apply after shave before going off to work.

I continue this fascination – and no I’m not creepily watching people. I’m in the open and I frequently tell people I just love to watch people put make up on.

The point I want to make in this blog is, please don’t tug on your facial skin when you put on the creams that are supposed to prevent lines and wrinkles!  Take a little product, warm it with your (clean) fingers and pat it on!  Please pat – don’t put it on and drag it across your facial skin!  I learned this from one of my Korean friends, who has gorgeous skin.  She told me her dermatologist in Korean told her to pat products on, maybe use a slight slapping motion to stimulate the skin.

I do this patting on of my moisturizer and it works for foundation also.  Instead of making that yawning kind of face when you are going around your mouth – don’t! Just pat the product on, and you’ll achieve a smooth effect without physically smoothing.

So it follows——-please don’t open your mouth when you apply mascara.  Tilt your head up.  This also helps with getting the mascara deep into your lashes and pulls the lashes up, giving a curling effect.

I don’t know where the mouth thing came from – but I think mothers have passed it down for years, and really there is no reason to stretch your face to widen your eye area.

Lastly, my friend asked me about facial massage.  Only with the most delicate motion, and always lubricated with cream or oil.

My aunt just turned 91—always a believer in moisturizer, and when they developed sunscreen she added it to her regimen.

Moisturizer, sunscreen repeat infinitum.

The case for good skincare- my aunt is 91!