Oooh My Hair Is So Silky!

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Ever wonder why when your hairstylist does your hair it is exceptionally soft and silky?  When you go home and use the exact same salon shampoo and conditioner, and other prescribed products, it doesn’t quite get to that smooth like silk perfection?

I asked an industry insider that very question and the answer was pretty simple.  When stylists condition your hair, they often squirt in silkening products that contact dimethicone.  Dimethicone is a non-water soluble substance belonging to the silicon family. (Source.

Ehow goes on to mention that if used continually, one should use clarifying shampoo every 10-14 days to avoid build up.

I’m going to try my Neuma Moisture Conditioner with a few drops of Kitoko oil and see what happens, will report back later.

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