Revive! With Moisture Renewal Cream By ReVive

The other day it did not matter how much moisturizer I dabbed on around my eyes and mouth, in an hour or so, my skin felt dry again.  Typically walking to and from my car in the Hawaiian sun, I can feel the sun sucking up the moisture in my skin so I keep a little pot of moisturizer in my purse-usually a sample.

That day, I drank a lot of water to hydrate from the inside as well.  But the water didn’t seem to help- I could have been wandering around the desert!

ReVive Moisture Renewal Cream

That evening, I decided to apply ReVive’s Moisture Renewal Cream before going to bed. (I’ve been using the Kiehl’s product to test the effectiveness on brown spots, but sorry my skin was crying/drying out!)  ReVive’s cornerstone product uses glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin and EGF, a Nobel Prize winning discovery by Dr. Brown to retexturize and tone the skin and giving it the “Legendary ReVive Glow”.

The next morning, I gently washed my face with a towel as is suggested.   I did my regular regimen of Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective, Rosa Artica and Clarin’s Spf 40.

My skin felt moist to the touch, and did have a little “glow”.  A friend of mine who is a former model, exclaimed, “What have you done to your skin? It looks amazing! Laser?”

I was pretty surprised because that was toward the end of the day when my makeup had been on for a while.  (I’m too lazy to touch up my make up during the day, so I have a small purse with no cosmetics bag to carry around).

Anyway, with continued use ReVive claims you will see a difference in the texture of the skin.  I just used a sample packet, I have the real deal and accompanying eye renewal cream and Creme Lustre Spf30 for day, but that must be a later post after my Kiehl’s experiment.

But yes, my skin felt “ReVived!”