Salma Hayek-Nuance Lip Gloss Quad

Remember that scene from Sex in the City where it’s Big’s and Carrie’s first real date and she’s wearing the naked dress?  Big says, “Interesting dress.”

Salma Hayek's Nuance Lip Gloss Quad

Interesting packaging.  The product is in a lotus like plastic compact that unfolds like a flower.  The colors I have are in the brown red family.  The lip gloss comes with a little lip brush which fits into the middle.  The consistency of the gloss is very nice and shiny, and opaque, so you don’t have to put a lot on.

I think for people who like to carry their cosmetics around, the packaging takes up a lot of room in a purse.  Especially since the emphasis seems to be to streamline and thin out packaging.

I think maybe the point for the product is to market a line of products for women with olive skin. But still don’t understand the packaging.  The eye shadow quad comes in the same compact.  I guess it appeals to a younger set who thinks its unique and cool.