My New Driver’s License Photo

I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday when I took my driver’s license photo.  I took the time to put on nice makeup, good eyebrows and fixed my hair.  Just as I was walking out I thought, maybe I should put a little powder on my forehead…..

ACK!  I actually look ok with my hair and face, but I have a big shine mark on my forehead! Not because I’m oily, it’s just my regular dewy make up was just too well, dewy.

Anyway, the other thing I forgot was my white sheet of paper.  When I am present and thinking about it, I take a white sheet of paper to bounce light onto my face to get rid of the shadows and light my face.  Without the white paper which is my traveling light kit,  I also look tan, which I am not. People describe me as ghostly pale.

Check out the recent photos and video of Madonna for an example of what light will do  for you.  Just about every step of the way of her video, they are bouncing all kinds of light directly onto her face to blowout any wrinkles–she actually looks “hot” which in advertising, means she has too much light on her face.

I think I got to retake this one someday when I have time. But the DMV lady was really nice-can’t let the secret out though of where I went because everyone would go and it would create lines where there are none.