Sweet Sticky Thang! Coconut Oil and Sugar Body Scrub

I love to moisturize to keep my skin soft and silky.

I strongly prefer sugar scrubs to salt scrubs.  It just seems to me that salt would dry my skin out and be counter productive.  I have used L’Occitane’s Honey and Lemon, Bliss’, Freeman Hot Green Apple–I really like the get down grittiness of these scrubs because, I’m sorry the ones with the little beads just don’t do me.

Never ever use abrasive scrubs on your face! Bad bad bad!  What is the difference from using a piece of sandpaper on your face?

I digress. Back to….

I was looking in the all-purpose Long’s for the Freeman Hot Green Apple product I used to use not that long ago.  I loved it because the product actually would heat up a little bit.  The salesclerk said they stopped carrying it.

Thinking back to a conversation I had with Hillary J-who does my shiny shiny glossy hair-Hillary suggested using coconut oil for hair and skin.  Super green and no chemicals what’s not to like?

Most of the scrubs you might get in a fancy resort or spa, have a base of exotic oils like macadamia or whatever.  I love the smell of coconut oil so….

I mixed up about a 1/3 cup of coconut oil and added about 1 cup of basic everyday granulated sugar.  Got in the shower/bath tub without the water on and went to work.  I did add a teeny bit of water to get the mix more spreadable.  

Be careful when you rinse.  The oil is going to make the tub slippery, and of course clean the tub after yourself!  By far this was not as messy as Fresh’ brown sugar scrub that is mixed with macadamia nut oil.

My skin, I can’t tell you how silky it is, plus just a hint of coconut smell.MMMMM!

Try it before a hot date, or date night–or any night!  Yay!!!



Guys you can do this too!  I knew someone a looooonnnnnnnggggg time ago and he gave me a hug- his skin rubbed on mine and I couldn’t believe his skin. Rasp is the best word that comes to mind. It still stands out in my mine 25+ years ago, so that couldn’t be good!


Philosophical Philosophy Vitamin Super C Boost Powder

I read about this in Fitness magazine where the models tend to be tan.  I wish they would feature people who are not tan, after all, being tan as a sign of health is an outmoded notion that went out with the disco ball!

Anyway, I will credit my discovery of Philosphy’s Vitamin Super C Boost Powder to the mag.  It sparked my curiosity as I am a firm believer in the Power to the C! It’s my favorite antioxidant because it offers protection from free radicals and you can eat and apply it! Haha not the product silly!

This cool little powder comes in a medicine brown bottle with a tiny scoop.  Directions are to add a half to a full scoop which is like a 1/8 teaspoon to your favorite cream or serum in the morning.  I go for the full scoop and add it to my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream which I think is a pretty docile product. (I recommend it for sensitive skin because it is pretty blah on it’s own to me-I got it as a sample).

I have to admit it is fun to stir up your own concoctions-remember tea parties when you were 5 years old mixing various liquids for your imaginary libations?

Sensitive skin users probably want to use a half scoop-the product does give you a little flush of color on your cheeks.  When I used Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, I got a similar reaction but allover my face, so I think the full scoop for myself is the limit, and once a day.

I just like the idea of a little extra C, and if it helps fade some spots that will be a bonus!  The product doesn’t make a lot of claims.



Trying to upload photos but having trouble with the wordpress option—will try my own.

BB–buhbuhbuh-Apply Sunscreen

I’ve tried two BB creams so far and sampled others at the counter.

If you haven’t heard what these are-BBs were developed first in Japan or Korea-they are duking it out for the claim of first.  BBs are a combination of moisturizer, sunscreen and treatment.  Great for people who don’t like to layer a bunch of product on and don’t have the time.

I tried Miracle Skin Transformer and I sort of liked it.  It has a bouncy silicon feeling base and has sunscreen, a little tint, acts as a primer and mattifier and vitamins K,A,E and Coenzyme 10.  Feels great on the face-it’s what I use to go to the gym instead of plain face(see Moving Makeup post).

I also tried the new in Neiman Marcus Sulwhasoo brand. It’s the top product in Korea and you’ll need to not mind the herbal, ginseng smell.  My friend at the counter told me all of the ladies who have used it for years have beautiful skin.  I got a sample of their BB cream in Light and applied it before ballet.   I think it wore pretty well, but at the time I didn’t realize it has spf50.  Being paranoid, I put my favorite Clarins sunscreen over the BB cream. 

My net opinion on it, was it felt a little chalky in texture in applying it as well as on the skin.  Very matte.  Probably would work great for ladies with oil or combination skin.  I have yet to try the skincare samples.

At the counter I felt the Estee Lauder and Clinique versions.  I’m sorry they just felt like tinted moisturizers but a little heavier and not smooth and creamy.

I’m waiting for more options-I like the idea-but at the end of the day or at the beginning, I think because there is a wide disparity in how much sunscreen you should apply, you should definitely use sunscreen with the BB products.


Chemistry-All Flavors Are Not Alike

As I think about what I am going to wear,I’m thinking about how many conversations I’ve had this week about product and how well they work, and how many times I said, it really depends on the chemistry in your body as to how well it works.

That’s why there are a million different products for everyone to try and stick with, or try and move on.  He he.

That goes for my personal life at this moment as well. That’s another blog.

I love to try new products, some work and some don’t.  Basically when a cosmetic salesperson tells me the product will take 2-3 bottles to show a result, I “hear” that it is not that effective.

What products? That would be Clinique Even Better(sorry auntie) and Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective lately, and products I’ve forgotten the name of from Clarins, Shiseido, Roc, L’Occitane, et al.

What works for me is the Kiehl’s Power Line Concentrate-it has lessened my brown spots, helping to erase those years I laid out in the Hawaiian and San Diegan sun.

Other factors are your overall nutrition (potato chips are my favorite but I drink a lot of water, eat oranges or apples, and not a lot of meat).  Probably in the chemical soup of your own eco system this has an affect overall on how things work for you.

Or don’t.

But the net-net, ask the salesperson–“How long before I see a result?” And listen and WATCH their reaction.


Black and Blue!Powder Eye Shadow

Yesterday I took a little extra time and put concealer under my eyes using Bobbi Brown’s technique(check out her website she has great videos).  I followed with Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation and blush from one of those Nordstrom sets.

I am dazzled by the eye shadow colors in palettes-I had one from LORAC from a holiday promotion.  Gorgeous shadow colors, but ho hum lip and cheek.  I gave it away after trying the shadow colors and not liking them – they looked great in Sephora!

Anyway, I got the Nordstrom color palette recently and the shadow colors actually look pretty good on.

However, yesterday, I had applied foundation, put on a base of Bobbi Brown neutral shadow base from the tortoise shell compact and used a light brown from the palette for the lid using my flat brush.

For any other shadow I use the edge of the same brush and pick up a darker color for the corners.  Or I use those little sponge applicators that come with. Problem with that is I dropped the sponge applicators on the floor of the women’s locker room at the gym and in seconds a million trillion bugs probably jumped on them so I threw them away and used the flat brush.

I love a deep eggplant color in the palette and attempted putting it on.

Disaster!  The color exploded underneath my right eye! I looked like a raccoon or someone who had been punched in the eye.

Seriously, when I tried to remove the color I swear a couple of people walked by and looked concerned.

Point to make-when using flaky eye colors use those sponge applicators.  How to know? If you pick up the color on a brush and tap it out and blow on it and more color blows off-opt for the sponge!


Epiphany-Face vs Body?

I woke up this morning and as I was applying moisturizer with spf15 (Olay) I thought-wait, my Mom is 70+ years old and she doesn’t have wrinkles. My aunt who is 91, also has very few wrinkles and only when she smiles.  My grandmother who passed at 94-had some wrinkles-but not many.  Her backstory is she was educated in Japan in the early 1900-s (which was a rarity for a female in Japan) and came to Hawaii as a picture bride.  She and her husband moved to California and as an educated woman, she worked in the fields picking tomatoes. Hard work and a lot of sun exposure.  Still, before she passed, she had more smooth, wrinkle-free areas on her face than wrinkled.

I have good genes.

My epiphany this morning was, since it’s pretty clear I’m going to have pretty good skin as I age, I should get back to work on the bod!

A week or so ago, I met a woman who was in her 50-s(as I am) and she had a fantastic tight body with gorgeous arms.  Not a bodybuilder look, but the look of someone who ate no fat, did a lot of cardio and did real weights.

I sat there in envy.

But of course I was checking out her facial skin quality. This woman obviously enjoyed her life and worked on her body, but neglected her face and hair.

When people ask me, I ask them “what kind of sunscreen do you apply? how often do you apply? how much do you apply?”

More often than not, even here in Hawaii, people rely on the minimum application. Some go for high spf, but don’t reapply. Some think the sunscreen in their bare minerals or in their liquid foundation is enough.

It’s not.

In fact, I commit my own sin.  I read this morning, that sunscreen should be applied first with treatment after.  It’s interesting and will spark a debate with the beauty counter people-they always say put the treatment first, starting with serum, then moisturizer etc.

Seal it all in with sunscreen.  (For me, on dry skin days I actually do all that, and pat on moisturizer around my eyes and nasolabial fold(around the mouth).


When someone notices you-what do they notice first?  I’m newly single, but having been out of the dating pool for awhile, I am not up on the “moves” anymore.  I have noticed people smiling at me, but did they check the body first, or the face?


I’ve read so many articles about “men don’t care what your body looks like, and their preferences are different than what women think are important.” For example, they like a little more junk in the trunk while women think that same junk needs to go away!

Oh well, I guess I’m looking for someone who ultimately likes me way past the exterior package.

But I do want to work on my arms a little-and improve my upper body strength. My recent move proved proof positive (PPP) that I am a major weakling.  My dancer’s legs can strangle someone, but only if I can jump up and grab them like Jackie Chan!

So right now, I think I have to face it, so I’ve brought out the hand weights to do during tv,  and plan to do crunches during the commercials and 20 reps for biceps, shoulders, lats and triceps.

Be back with an update!


The Case for A Little MakeUp-Moving Looks

I recently moved. And then, I moved again!  In June, I moved from one place to another, and then last month I moved again.

I get along with my now-former bf. The first was one reason, the second move was for myself.  Anyway…

My experience in June.  My hair is long so I put it up in two high ponytails and then twirled them around so they are little buns-kind of that Chinese doll look.  I thought it did the job of getting my hair out of the way, stayed in place, and when I took it down, gave me nice swirly waves.

I had my moving outfit on–shorts and a t-shirt and platform slippers and went to the bank.  The guy at the counter was new, young and looked slightly metro.  He looked at me in disbelief-like I had rollers in my hair.  I said, “I’m moving-this works for me.”

Obviously, for a guy 25 years younger than me, it didn’t.

So many weeks later, I went back in, dolled up for an appointment and had the same guy.  This guy really needs to hide his facial reactions.  This time, he looked at me like I must be in his ballpark age range, because his reaction was like, “Wow!”.  Instead of….

Hardy har ha.

So I moved again a few weeks ago. Mostly in my dance togs as I would load up my car and bring it back into “town”. I moved stealthily in the mid morning when only the neighbor with the twin stroller was going in and out.

So, there is no big story on my second move, but I did avoid the bank teller!

The case for being a little madeUp is-when you don’t want to be noticed, they notice.  And when you want to be noticed, they notice, so put your best face forward…for yourself of course!

Look for the red fingernails coming soon!


Outcome: Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spots Solution

Ok, I know I was supposed to compare the Kiehl’s product for the sun spots under my eyes to the spot on my foot ( I live in Hawaii so my feet are exposed in sandals), but I lost interest in the second step.

I did however, carry it through the whole bottle using the product morning and day until the bottle was empty.

My experience was it made the spots under my eyes smaller but did not remove them completely.  I decided I wanted to move on to another product so I decided to not purchase another bottle.

You have probably experienced similar outcomes, and when you mention it to the salesperson, they recommend 2-3 bottles.  I’ve taken that route too, and the only product that I think works well and I will continue to buy is another Kiehl’s product – Power Line Reducer.

The vitamin C product has reduced my spots overall, and the other day when I was rushing and late getting to an appointment, I put on my sunscreen, lipstick, brows, liner and mascara and NO Foundation!

I feel confident enough to not wear foundation to a business appointment.  Now that is saying something about the results!

In any case, the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective product does work, but may take a few bottles to really see results that you’ll appreciate.


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep-The Case for SkinCare

I’m not going to talk about how men don’t do anything, and as they get old they look “distinguished”.

I’m going to talk about – when you are sleeping, this is the best time to take care of your skin. Plus you don’t have to worry about product not mixing with your foundation primer, or sunscreen, your moisturizer melting your eyeliner and so on.

No, at night is the perfect time to slather it on.

But if you don’t,   if you wash your face and fall into bed without anything…

At least put a nice thick cream around your eyes, your forehead and naso-labial folds around your mouth. It’s more about sealing in moisture-especially after you’ve used soap to wash it.

Think about it, it’s an investment in what you look at when you are brushing your teeth everyday and what other people see. You can choose to use Avon or Olay-they make some good products, or you can use something in a fancier package. Whatever floats your boat.

At the end of the day, some products just work better for some people. I know a lady who is in her 60-s who uses Olay Total Effects and her skin is glorious. It’s not the price tag-it’s the chemistry of the product working with your skin.

So, do something!


I Want to Look Younger But I Don’t Want To Look Like I’m Trying!

Hah! Got your attention?  This is actually an article about what not to do when putting on your make up, in the quest to look younger.

I think most people have heard the story that red lipstick, pink cheeks and long, lush lashes mimic the flush of youth and fertility.  Add to that silky, shiny hair.

So what happens as you age?  Your lips thin out, you lose the pink in your cheeks, your lashes (and probably eyebrows) thin out, and your hair dulls and in my case gets kinky.

As you age, many beauty mavens suggest a lighter hand when putting on make up. I think, at least in my opinion, that doesn’t mean less make up, it means lighter colors.  Instead of trying to make yourself look more vibrant with a stronger blush, or more color eye shadow or liner, it means choose colors that are believable.

I remember a day about 10 years ago, when a friend took a bright blue eyeliner and drew it all around her eyes, top and bottom.  It matched the blue stripes in her shirt and it looked terrible and I was reminded of that crazy Bette Davis movie – “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

Then I was watching junk food tv-The Bachelor-and I noticed every woman on the show had heavy liner on top and a lot on the bottom.

For years I have skipped liner on the bottom and rarely put on mascara on my bottom lashes-but I tried the liner the other day.  I have to absolutely say it closed my eyes and made them look smaller.

Point 1-use a light hand, or nothing on the bottom lashes.

I bought a Laura Mercier lipstick in “Audrey” a deeper brown-red that I apply with a light hand.  I have “cho cho” lips, which means I don’t need anything injected. I like this color because it’s a red color, but it does not shout red.  Think the opposite of Marilyn Monroe, and her oozing self with the red lips.

Point 2-choose lip color wisely.  Trendy usually does not work-avoid neons, too orange, too pink, too nude, dark liner around and nude inside etc.

I got a sample of a balm that I used this morning.  The new balms aim to be all-in-one products – moisturizer, treatment, color and sunscreen.  Gives light but definite coverage, and softens the edges so to speak.  I think this is a happy medium between foundation and tinted moisturizer.  Great for busy women who don’t have time to do a lot of products that you layer.

Point 3-don’t cake on foundation in the quest for coverage.  New lighter products work.  Avoid cakey powder foundation.  Use a very light hand for translucent powder when you are taking down shine.

For Halloween I decided to be Black Swan because I think the eye makeup is crazy.  Another year I was a cat.  Both eye make up costumes required darkening the eye with black, dark shadow then circling with thick thick thick eye liner.

Point 4 -err to less is more.  Think Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  She wears a pretty much nude eye, pink/nude lip, and gorgeous doe eye liner.

So, aging beauties, go for classic. Avoid the trends and use a light hand.