L’Oreal Millionize False Fiber Lashes Mascara

I only like to do one coat of mascara.  Call me lazy, but I just don’t bother.  I don’t curl my lashes either but that’s because of my mascara technique where I tilt my head when applying mascara so my lashes stand up anyway.

I did try Bobbi Brown’s After Party Mascara- that’s the one that you can apply in the morning, and then apply again later in the day before you go out for after work cocktails.

I LOVE L’Oreal’s Volumnize Mascara in the regular formula – you know the one that Eva Longoria advertises.  That’s a great mascara-one coat, very black, really long and thick!

So, after seeing Gwen Stefani’s ads for False Fiber-the ad campaign is relentless – I bought the product.  It does a good job with thickening and lengthening,and the lashes are really black, but the fibers “break off” and get in my eyes.

So, I have to say no to this product.