The Case for A Little MakeUp-Moving Looks

I recently moved. And then, I moved again!  In June, I moved from one place to another, and then last month I moved again.

I get along with my now-former bf. The first was one reason, the second move was for myself.  Anyway…

My experience in June.  My hair is long so I put it up in two high ponytails and then twirled them around so they are little buns-kind of that Chinese doll look.  I thought it did the job of getting my hair out of the way, stayed in place, and when I took it down, gave me nice swirly waves.

I had my moving outfit on–shorts and a t-shirt and platform slippers and went to the bank.  The guy at the counter was new, young and looked slightly metro.  He looked at me in disbelief-like I had rollers in my hair.  I said, “I’m moving-this works for me.”

Obviously, for a guy 25 years younger than me, it didn’t.

So many weeks later, I went back in, dolled up for an appointment and had the same guy.  This guy really needs to hide his facial reactions.  This time, he looked at me like I must be in his ballpark age range, because his reaction was like, “Wow!”.  Instead of….

Hardy har ha.

So I moved again a few weeks ago. Mostly in my dance togs as I would load up my car and bring it back into “town”. I moved stealthily in the mid morning when only the neighbor with the twin stroller was going in and out.

So, there is no big story on my second move, but I did avoid the bank teller!

The case for being a little madeUp is-when you don’t want to be noticed, they notice.  And when you want to be noticed, they notice, so put your best face forward…for yourself of course!

Look for the red fingernails coming soon!



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  1. You have a good point. You get noticed even if you don’t want to be noticed. You never get a second chance to make a first impression-so why not take ten to fifteen minutes to give yourself a fresh look?

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