Black and Blue!Powder Eye Shadow

Yesterday I took a little extra time and put concealer under my eyes using Bobbi Brown’s technique(check out her website she has great videos).  I followed with Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation and blush from one of those Nordstrom sets.

I am dazzled by the eye shadow colors in palettes-I had one from LORAC from a holiday promotion.  Gorgeous shadow colors, but ho hum lip and cheek.  I gave it away after trying the shadow colors and not liking them – they looked great in Sephora!

Anyway, I got the Nordstrom color palette recently and the shadow colors actually look pretty good on.

However, yesterday, I had applied foundation, put on a base of Bobbi Brown neutral shadow base from the tortoise shell compact and used a light brown from the palette for the lid using my flat brush.

For any other shadow I use the edge of the same brush and pick up a darker color for the corners.  Or I use those little sponge applicators that come with. Problem with that is I dropped the sponge applicators on the floor of the women’s locker room at the gym and in seconds a million trillion bugs probably jumped on them so I threw them away and used the flat brush.

I love a deep eggplant color in the palette and attempted putting it on.

Disaster!  The color exploded underneath my right eye! I looked like a raccoon or someone who had been punched in the eye.

Seriously, when I tried to remove the color I swear a couple of people walked by and looked concerned.

Point to make-when using flaky eye colors use those sponge applicators.  How to know? If you pick up the color on a brush and tap it out and blow on it and more color blows off-opt for the sponge!