Philosophical Philosophy Vitamin Super C Boost Powder

I read about this in Fitness magazine where the models tend to be tan.  I wish they would feature people who are not tan, after all, being tan as a sign of health is an outmoded notion that went out with the disco ball!

Anyway, I will credit my discovery of Philosphy’s Vitamin Super C Boost Powder to the mag.  It sparked my curiosity as I am a firm believer in the Power to the C! It’s my favorite antioxidant because it offers protection from free radicals and you can eat and apply it! Haha not the product silly!

This cool little powder comes in a medicine brown bottle with a tiny scoop.  Directions are to add a half to a full scoop which is like a 1/8 teaspoon to your favorite cream or serum in the morning.  I go for the full scoop and add it to my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream which I think is a pretty docile product. (I recommend it for sensitive skin because it is pretty blah on it’s own to me-I got it as a sample).

I have to admit it is fun to stir up your own concoctions-remember tea parties when you were 5 years old mixing various liquids for your imaginary libations?

Sensitive skin users probably want to use a half scoop-the product does give you a little flush of color on your cheeks.  When I used Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, I got a similar reaction but allover my face, so I think the full scoop for myself is the limit, and once a day.

I just like the idea of a little extra C, and if it helps fade some spots that will be a bonus!  The product doesn’t make a lot of claims.



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