First Date MakeUp For When You’re Old Enough to Know Better

You know you know that you can tell when you see a brand new couple on a first date.  The happy laughs, the leaning in, and the deep gazing into the eyes. Sigh.  They are the people that usually end up closing the restaurant, caught up in conversation and the thrill of the new.

So, what does that mean when you’re on the middle side of 50? I asked a couple of trusted girlfriends “what would be appropriate for a first date in terms of clothing?”- and I had to agree a dress was the right choice. Besides I was wearing a bright blue band-aid on my shin from slamming into something the day before so a long dress was a great solution.

But what what what about the makeup?

I think in my opinion, it’s important to present yourself but a little better, as opposed to going all out with tons of red lip gloss, big thick cat eyes and wild woman hair.

I mean really, I’m not going to keep up curling my hair into a massive froth on my head-that’s just trying too hard for me.

So I work on my makeup instead.  In the beginning I think the eyes offer the best peek into the soul. But please don’t overdo it with mounds of cakey mascara that usually end up like spiders on your lids.  Go easy, and just keep it simple. Use my trick of tilting your head back so you don’t develop nasolabial lines from trying to open your eyes wider by opening your mouth wide. Don’t over do it and make frown lines on your forehead either.  Bossy I know but better than the wrinkles.

Anyway….I just read an article about wearing a little color on the lids-so try a little soft lavender, or a navy blue in the corners.  I love a  soft cat eye!

On lips, forget the gloppy gloss. I’m sorry I won’t apologize that going too far with the lip gloss just looks …..Opt for a soft, brownish pink or red, that’s muted with a very soft shine. Avoid frosts.  If you have wrinkles around your mouth from pursing them-it’s just going to look bad when the color seeps into the lines.  Oh yeah, use a lip liner that matches the color-or in the same color family.

Keep blush light-add a little color-you’re not 20 anymore, so the flush of youth is probably not going to look natural. Though my favorite beauty icon, Bobbi Brown advocates for a pop of color.  I look at photos of myself during the height of my BB phase, and I think it looks great in photos, though maybe a little hot in real life.

Overall, I guess I’m just saying that your make up should send the same message as your clothes.  If you’re not planning on more than a kiss on the cheek goodnight, dress and makeup as such.

It’s much more interesting to take it slow than to go for the home run anyway.