Nerium AD-New Wonder Product?

Update 8/14/14

I as checking out Biologic Stem Cells-my friend gave me a sample so I found this site.  Kind of scary about Nerium.

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My co-worker and I share the same interest of fending off aging and brown spots with various products.  I was at a fancy cocktail party a few months ago and he and his friend were there–the friend even recommended Garnier rolling ball to get rid of eye puffiness! Did I mention he was a guy?

So two days ago my co-worker friend called and said he was trying a new product for the last 2 weeks and he felt he was getting results.  I am a contractor so I usually see him at fancy cocktail parties(in fact the last was hosted by the same – Modern Luxury Hawaii).  So I see his skin from product to product.

He suggested I take the 5-day challenge of using the product Nerium AD which is to remove fine lines and pigmentation.  Some of the before and afters were pretty impressive.

Nerium is based on an extract -which is poisonous-so don’t go out and make your own! Every post I saw on the web about the extract itself said the same-very poisonous do not attempt to treat yourself.

I think there is more to this product than that – it smells like the Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector.  Consistency is similar too. So this is day two of that product.  I think maybe the puffiness is better, but I slept well last night so we’ll see.  I will post the results in a few days.


I decided that my doing my blepheritis treatment which is a warm compress in the morning and evening, cleansing the lids with special wipes, and press/pushing the oil glands, is why my eye bags have diminished.  Apparently this is a common condition. Instead of special wipes, the doc recommends baby wash-gentle with no tears type.

My friend sent some before and after photos, Nerium AD seems to be working on the melasma, but after about 2 weeks of diligent use.

So the net is, the 5 day challenge might not produce results.  They should change it to the 2 week challenge.

For some of us who do a lot to our faces it may take longer to produce results. I think a lot of people go from doing absolutely nothing sort of zero to 60 so they can see a difference.

But if you have a drawer full of stuff-I think it will take longer.


My other friend with very sensitive skin had a little bit of a reaction. It is plant-based-my old dermo said, yeah it’s natural but so it poison ivy.


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  1. I know of a few people who use this product and I have been keeping an eye on them–meaning I’m looking at their facial skin to see how the Nerium AD is working.

    Like I’ve said before, in a 0-60 world, if you don’t use anything you’ll see results, but if you use a lot of product before using something new like Nerium your results will be incremental (slight or more) and taper off.

    I think in the case of people I’ve been observed, I can’t see an appreciable difference after 3 months since I first learned they were using the product.

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