Spending the Night-How to Look Ok in the Morning

Like I said before guys have it easy in this area. They pretty much fall out of bed in the morning the same way they looked the night before.  A few may have bedhead but pretty much no change.

I know it’s a double-standard, or maybe it’s just pressure I put on myself, but dating again after being in a long relationship is a little nerve-wracking.

What does he think, I look like this all the time? Does it matter to him?

My advice on looking half decent when you wake up is a little preparation.

Hydrate, meaning drink plenty of water.  Not to the point you have to go to the bathroom a bunch of times, but for every glass of wine you drink, drink a full glass of water (10-12 oz.)

Avoid hard liquor. You can’t possibly thinking downing those tequila shots all night are not going to have a bad effect on your looks the next morning or for the next years.

Don’t mix alcohol. You’ll probably get a headache and frown in your sleep.

Go for food that isn’t salty-avoid the bloat. Helps with puffiness under the eyes too.

TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP!  I found some awesome wipes that are’t greasy so they don’t require more cleansing.  They take it all off.

If you have long hair you might consider putting it in a one ponytail bun, or pony, or otherwise, kind of lay it out.  Believe it or not, it works so your hair isn’t all hema-jeng the next morning.  You know, how some people when they come to work in the morning and they tried to plaster their hair down.

Not having a lot of hair product in your hair helps in the above.  If you plastered your hair with hairspray and teased it…….you’ll look like Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd.

Moisturize your face. Floss your teeth.  Brush your teeth.

I can’t help the fact my feet are a disaster.  One of my dance friends said she is proud of her callused feet – she needs them to dance. Me too.  But have nice toenail color.

If you wear nail color, take it off if it is chipped.  Nothing is tackier in the morning. Think of horrible claws wrapped around a coffee cup.

(When I say snarky things like that, it’s when I am picturing the hair-sprayed, red-lipsticked mess, spider-mascared, “lady” in the client’s building).

In the morning, resist putting on your full face. Brush your teeth, moisturize and fluff up your hair.  Think radiant thoughts.

Stretch a little, gets the blood going.

Post-shower.  Light make up. Bring colors that are suitable for morning light, and use a light hand.  Moisturize your body and face with sunscreen.  My morning/day make up includes moisturizer, sunscreen, tinted sunscreen, rose balm, mascara, eye brow, and brown liner, neutral eye shadow.

Me, a little better.