They’re Laughing in Kentucky-Revive’

The HUGE disclaimer on this is, I absolutely love Revive’s products.

But I find it hilarious how they are marketed as a product that consumers might think is French with the spelling and pronunciation of the names like Sensitif’.

Their advertising agency in Kentucky is laughing their asses off – all the way to the bank.  After all, it’s all about the Benjamins.

I bet they sit around the office eating croissants from Costco, downed with French Vienna coffee from a can, all the while thinking up ways to elevate Revive’ products in the mind of the consumer.

Not quite at the price point of La Mer, Revive’ products sport names like Creme’ Lustre’, Volume Intensif, or Sensitif.  They have a new upper level brand called Peau, or Po, or Poh I don’t know.

Recently Nordstroms had Revive’ out for a visit. The Doc got the flu, but his #1 representative did the pitch.  With his snappy suit and UK accent, he properly applied the right air of élan’ and flourish to sampling the product.

It reminded me of a time I was in Jean-Marie Josselin’s Restaurant, A Pacific Cafe, and our waiter was going to great lengths with his French accent.  Turned out he was Jersey and an actor.

But Revive’ products really work and feel good.  I wonder if they would command their price point if they were Revive, Cream Luster, Or Volume Intensive.

Who knows?