Ethnic Math-Secrets of Asian Beauty

A friend gave me a copy of the current O magazine which was all about aging and retrofitting one’s self with various potions.

In O style, they had a spread of the 4 women who we readers were to guess their ages before turning the page.  A blonde, brunette, African American, and a silver-haired stylish, definitely older woman.

I guessed the ages fairly accurately, the blonde I guessed 45, the brunette about 45, the African American, about 60, and the silver haired woman 70-s.  But where was the Asian in the group?!

Thing is in Hawaii, if you’re Asian you can easily identify the ethnic extractions of  other Asian people. Like you can properly ID the Japanese, the Chinese etc.  People think I’m Chinese, but I’m actually Japanese – I just tell them I’m part of the Jade Dynasty (when the Emperor of China sent 3,000 Chinese boys and girls to populate northern Japan and spread the genes).

Ok that was going off on a tangent.

The point I was making.

The other thing in Hawaii is, you learn to guess ages of people taking into consideration their ethnic background.  Like say, you see a Japanese woman, and you automatically ADD 5 years to the age you think she is, to get her proper age.  This works in reverse as well.

I really wish any of these magazines would use Asian women so it would make for an apples to apples comparison.  Not supplying us with an Asian, Indian, Native American and other examples makes a huge difference!

Then how about women who exercise and properly take care of themselves? That makes a gigantic difference as well!  My jazz dance teacher is older than me, and when she gets on the floor and tumbles, you better believe us girls who are younger, better get rolling!


Leading a happy life without a lot of stress also helps in looking younger than you are.  Not having those furrow lines – unhappy expressions really do kind of stick on your face after awhile -just like your mom told you, “Don’t make that face, it might stay that way!”

If you still get zits – DO NOT PICK THEM! I see people in the gym locker room popping their zits in the mirror, and I am grossed out that they are doing it at all, but that they are in public!  There’s a woman in my ballet class who does the same thing, what? she doesn’t think we can see her?

When you pick zits that leaves a nice little scab when they heal which turns into a brown spot, which are probably the #1 beauty complaint after wrinkles.

Drink a ton of water.  Japanese drink water but eat a lot of salty foods-go really light on the salt. A ton of water is measured in liters btw.

Eat fruit for fiber.  I know you can take a pill or a shake, but eating fruit gives you the nutrients and fills you up.  Same for veggies.

Eat food instead of fake food. I’m guilty of eating a slab of food(energy bar) on days I’m on the run but try not to make it a habit.

Keep red meat, or basically any kind of seafood or chicken to a minimum on a daily basis.  It clogs your system.

Moisturize and use a honey scrub.  Really, when you’re enjoying some time with your favorite someone, than it’s nice to have really soft skin.

Wear sunscreen everyday.  My condo has windows all around so even if I’m not going out, I still have sunscreen on. More so on overcast days.

Send out thoughts of gratefulness. To whomever or whatever floats your boat.

It makes a difference.