Veil of Mystery-Magic Makeup Forever’s HD Powder

It’s so fun to cruise around with your friends trying different make up stuffs.  A couple of weeks ago we attended Modern Luxury Magazine’s Shop A Lea at Ala Moana center.  This event is a fundraiser and fancy cocktail party all in one!  Luxury stores have yummy pupus (Hawaiian cocktail snacks) and unique cocktails, donated by restaurants like Salt, Trump Tower(forget the name Terrace something), Tango et al.

My buds wanted to go to Macy’s to hit the shoe sale. Didn’t even make it to the shoe department before stopping by the MAC counter. Wasn’t looking for a powder-people that know me know I’m known for having a “dewy” look because I dab on moisturizer all day.  Anyway–the makeup artist fluffed on some of their finishing powder on all three of us, and I have to admit, the effect was quite noticeable.  These powders soften the edges-if you have wrinkles and other stuff it helps hide them.  They were formulated for use on camera -with the advent of HD cameras, people on the air use special makeup to hide the flaws that are magnified a million times.

Try watching your favorite shows on regular then switch to HD.  I love that handsome dude on Grey’s Anatomy, Dr Mark, but boy he doesn’t look too great in HD!  Some of our local newscasters look great in HD by the way.  It’s a practiced hand to get a fresh look without being cakey.  Props go out to Crystal Pancipanci-I caught a little of Livin’ Local with the Baraquio sisters – I knew Crystal does their make up, and I was really impressed with their makeup achieving the just right line between dewy and concealed perfection.

I’m a little afraid of powder because my skin tends to be dry, so though I liked the effect I decided to wait and see.  Not even a day later, we were in Sephora checking out  Makeup Forever’s HD Powder.  Got a sample of that to try out.

Well, I like the results so much I bought it the other day.  I lightly dust it on my t-zone avoiding my dry areas around my eyes and nasolabial folds around the mouth.

So when do you drop that veil of mystery, read make up? Well duh, don’t sleep with your makeup on. You’ll look terrible in the morning with smeary eye make up, ew. I’ve heard of women who never have ever let their significant person see them without make up. They go to sleep late and wake up early to get their face made up.

They’d probably be better off if they got 8 hours of sleep, waking up refreshed.

Men never know, women always do. You guys know you know. So just be prepared.  Mini kit-cleanser, moisturizer w sunscreen, lip, mascara, brow, maybe a little magic powder.


Nerium AD-New Wonder Product?

Update 8/14/14

I as checking out Biologic Stem Cells-my friend gave me a sample so I found this site.  Kind of scary about Nerium.

(Original post)

My co-worker and I share the same interest of fending off aging and brown spots with various products.  I was at a fancy cocktail party a few months ago and he and his friend were there–the friend even recommended Garnier rolling ball to get rid of eye puffiness! Did I mention he was a guy?

So two days ago my co-worker friend called and said he was trying a new product for the last 2 weeks and he felt he was getting results.  I am a contractor so I usually see him at fancy cocktail parties(in fact the last was hosted by the same – Modern Luxury Hawaii).  So I see his skin from product to product.

He suggested I take the 5-day challenge of using the product Nerium AD which is to remove fine lines and pigmentation.  Some of the before and afters were pretty impressive.

Nerium is based on an extract -which is poisonous-so don’t go out and make your own! Every post I saw on the web about the extract itself said the same-very poisonous do not attempt to treat yourself.

I think there is more to this product than that – it smells like the Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector.  Consistency is similar too. So this is day two of that product.  I think maybe the puffiness is better, but I slept well last night so we’ll see.  I will post the results in a few days.


I decided that my doing my blepheritis treatment which is a warm compress in the morning and evening, cleansing the lids with special wipes, and press/pushing the oil glands, is why my eye bags have diminished.  Apparently this is a common condition. Instead of special wipes, the doc recommends baby wash-gentle with no tears type.

My friend sent some before and after photos, Nerium AD seems to be working on the melasma, but after about 2 weeks of diligent use.

So the net is, the 5 day challenge might not produce results.  They should change it to the 2 week challenge.

For some of us who do a lot to our faces it may take longer to produce results. I think a lot of people go from doing absolutely nothing sort of zero to 60 so they can see a difference.

But if you have a drawer full of stuff-I think it will take longer.


My other friend with very sensitive skin had a little bit of a reaction. It is plant-based-my old dermo said, yeah it’s natural but so it poison ivy.


Brown Spot Under My Eye! Philosophy Miracle Worker

Yesterday–I also looked at and bought Philosophy’s Miracle Worker, Dark Spot Corrector.  Jeff, the regional rep told me no other product on the market works on dark spots in 5 ways at the same time.  I think what he was saying is a product that contains hydroquinone only bleaches the spot, a product like kojic acid prevents melatonin from forming and so on. I think everybody here knows this stuff?  

That’s why you have to do a whole regimen like Obaji-I bet if Dr O wanted to he could probably formulate something that didn’t include all of those steps ( and ends up costing the consumer more).  His active products are the hydroquinone to bleach, the salicylic acid to exfoliate and the vitamin A to “rejuvenate” with antioxidants (which when I read that I’m thinking what? Sounds like their job is to fight free radicals.)


I’m still working on the brown spots under my eye which appear to be fairly common.  I see it a lot in Hawaii–not sure if it’s because of wearing sunglasses all the time that don’t cover that area or what.

The Kiehl’s product (Clearly Corrective) made them smaller but did not completely remove the brown spots under my eyes. I’ve said in a post before I’m not interested in buying bottle after bottle of stuff unless it really does work ( a rarity).

Jeff, pointed to a freckle like spot on his nose, about the size of a half a soy bean and said that he had been using the product for a week and a half and thought he saw it “breaking up”.

His skin in caucasian so we will see.  Not everything is formulated for all skin types-laughably companies like Clinique are trying to make it a market position by claiming their lightening products work on skin other than caucasian. Shame on their advertising agency.

This is a night time product.  It has a soft consistency in a pump style bottle-the cream is tan in color.  It took me a bit to identify what I think is in it, I’d say yeast. Over the years I have read about yeast used as a lightener. I read the reviews on sephora and  it looks like it’s one of those products that work on some people and not on others.

I’ll keep you posted.


Puffy Eyes? Clouds in My Coffee?

My co-worker and I share the same interest of fending off aging and brown spots with various products.  I was at a fancy cocktail party a few months ago and he and his friend were there–the friend even recommended Garnier rolling ball to get rid of eye puffiness! Did I mention he was a guy? Nope! Caffeine in the product!  I was tooling around today with my 15% off coupon for Sephora and to my lucky stars the Philosophy regional rep was there.  His name was Jeff and he was celebrating a birthday the next day (here in Hawaii)-he volunteered that he was turning 47.  His skin looks great and being caucasian was pretty wrinkle free with very little pigmentation and dark spots.

I say lucky stars because he took me on a tour of Philosophy’s newest products and what they were for, AND offered up himself as a testimonial.

Puffy eyes are something that have been bugging me.  Two weeks ago I went to my eye doc and he said I have blepheritis – which means I have stopped up oil glands which manifests as dry eyes.  He prescribed warm compresses and gentle massage.  I was secretly hoping this would address the bags and puffiness as well.

He also prescribed  these Ocusoft lid scrub pads.  They come wrapped individually. What’s really cool about them is they remove eye make-up, so you can do two jobs at once.  The pads have a little bit of scrubby texture so be gentle!

Philosophy’s product is called Eyes Wide Open-Instant Refreshing and Depuffing Eye Gel.  Jeff applied a small pea size dot of product around the orbital eye area.  Maybe a minute or two later I could feel the caffeine tightening up the area.  It is about 4 hours later and the skin still feels taught.

I am wondering-did my whole face feel this tight when I was younger? Nah.

I have felt compelled to dab some moisturizer on all afternoon because I connect tight and dry together but I have resisted.

All in all, I think my eyes definitely look less puffy and the skin appears tighter.

Right on Philosophy!

4/8/12 Update-

My puffiness has definitely gone away. But I’m not sure if it is the NeriumAD or doing the blepheritis treatment.  I’m on my last day of NeriumAD, so we’ll see if the puffy eyes return to their previous state.


First Date MakeUp For When You’re Old Enough to Know Better

You know you know that you can tell when you see a brand new couple on a first date.  The happy laughs, the leaning in, and the deep gazing into the eyes. Sigh.  They are the people that usually end up closing the restaurant, caught up in conversation and the thrill of the new.

So, what does that mean when you’re on the middle side of 50? I asked a couple of trusted girlfriends “what would be appropriate for a first date in terms of clothing?”- and I had to agree a dress was the right choice. Besides I was wearing a bright blue band-aid on my shin from slamming into something the day before so a long dress was a great solution.

But what what what about the makeup?

I think in my opinion, it’s important to present yourself but a little better, as opposed to going all out with tons of red lip gloss, big thick cat eyes and wild woman hair.

I mean really, I’m not going to keep up curling my hair into a massive froth on my head-that’s just trying too hard for me.

So I work on my makeup instead.  In the beginning I think the eyes offer the best peek into the soul. But please don’t overdo it with mounds of cakey mascara that usually end up like spiders on your lids.  Go easy, and just keep it simple. Use my trick of tilting your head back so you don’t develop nasolabial lines from trying to open your eyes wider by opening your mouth wide. Don’t over do it and make frown lines on your forehead either.  Bossy I know but better than the wrinkles.

Anyway….I just read an article about wearing a little color on the lids-so try a little soft lavender, or a navy blue in the corners.  I love a  soft cat eye!

On lips, forget the gloppy gloss. I’m sorry I won’t apologize that going too far with the lip gloss just looks …..Opt for a soft, brownish pink or red, that’s muted with a very soft shine. Avoid frosts.  If you have wrinkles around your mouth from pursing them-it’s just going to look bad when the color seeps into the lines.  Oh yeah, use a lip liner that matches the color-or in the same color family.

Keep blush light-add a little color-you’re not 20 anymore, so the flush of youth is probably not going to look natural. Though my favorite beauty icon, Bobbi Brown advocates for a pop of color.  I look at photos of myself during the height of my BB phase, and I think it looks great in photos, though maybe a little hot in real life.

Overall, I guess I’m just saying that your make up should send the same message as your clothes.  If you’re not planning on more than a kiss on the cheek goodnight, dress and makeup as such.

It’s much more interesting to take it slow than to go for the home run anyway.