Papaya Appeal!

Lucky I live Hawaii where papayas are plentiful pretty much all-year round.

I had lunch in our Chinatown the other day, and as usual instead of heading east to Nuuanu, I headed west further in.  Like Chinatowns in many cities-Honolulu’s has a bunch of farmer’s markets with fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are a lot of facial scrubs and peels on the market that use papaya-the seeds or the enzymatic properties of the fruit.

I don’t recommend the scrubs of course since I never recommend scrubbing your face with anything harsh.Period.

But using the leftover peel as a natural face mask is pretty awesome.  I actually learned of doing this from my mom, who at nearly 75, has great skin with few wrinkles if any.

So she was telling me that her friend would take the rind of watermelons, papayas or whatever she had eaten and rub the rind on her face.

So, my mom starting using the leftover papayas from breakfast on her face – I have to say when I do it my face feels very clean, not tight, and definitely I feel like there has been softening.

Easy, as a pa-pie-ya.