Chic in the Heat


When you’re a young babe, you can pretty much wear anything and look great.

But as you get a bit older, you have to take into consideration a few lumps and bumps.

But, unless I am shooting a video, I can’t handle being compressed and smooshed into spanx.  Sorry Oprah-how can you breathe in those? Kind of like those LuLuLemon tops – I have a big ribcage so I can’t breathe in any size.


The event is outside, you’ve never been, you’ll be walking a little, you’ll be meeting people. The Man in Your Life is somebody.

What to wear?

My favorite color to wear is white. I think it looks way better than black when you are going to a daytime event. Just make sure you look before you sit anywhere.

I decided my sparkle look would be too much – I know people like it, but if I’m meeting people, it might get compliments,  but one day I walked in NM wearing a sparkle t-shirt, white jeans and heels and I don’t know it was weird I felt like the whole cosmetics department was checking me out. I had someone tell me they really liked my cat eye liner. Who knows what that was about.

I digress as usual.

T-shirt, tank-top, long-sleeve? Dress with pops of color?

I decided the best would be something not too clingy, not too low-cut, casual but neat. Beyond reproach or snarky comment.

I added a pop of color with a lime cami along with some earrings that picked up the green.

Okay – I couldn’t resist no sparkle-I wore my white slippers with the little flower sparkle bobs on the thong!

Hey-gotta stand out a little in a crowd!

Else, how are you going to shine?