Oil in Your Hair?

Note, I didn’t say oily hair.

Once upon a time, I had shiny shiny jet black hair, pretty straight, maybe just a hint of a wave.

As I aged (ugh) my hair got frizzier and frizzier and really felt crispy dry and this was before I started coloring! Ack!

I had been using S-Factor products to smash my hair into submission-loved the smell of the shampoo, conditioner and smoothing cream.

Also, tried Bedhead’s After Party with the totally ‘unique’ packaging. Loved that too.  Used Paul Mitchell’s Shine Serum too. I like the Aveda product but it has that herbal smell I don’t like.  I also bought a moroccan oil based product cream for smoothing and it fell flat-add to that the coconut oil product I used and tossed. Sometimes I use these creamy products to shave my legs or put them on my feet – might as well not waste.

Every few months or so, Lincoln W. from B.O.S.S. Beauty Supply visits us at the Honolulu Club.  He’s great – so experienced in the hair biz and a nice guy! He has great hair as well – lucky!

Lincoln recommended the Neuma moisturizing products-I tried the samples he gave me – and they were fantastic.

They really tamed my frizzy head. And organic!  I had gotten samples of Alterna and even bought the Alterna products at a retail store – for whatever reason my hair really did not like the products so I returned them.

And then there is Kitoko Oil.

Kitoko Oil is the wonder product and I fully give it props for getting my hair back into silky condition. Along with Neuma’s moisturizing shampoo and conditioner-all recommended by Lincoln W. of B.O.S.S. beauty supply in Honolulu!

Kitoko Oil is based on Karite Oil which is extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. Add to that Argan Oil and Vitamins A&E plus it smells great!

I’ve tried Neuma’s Argan Oil and although I like it, I think Kitoko is the winning combination plus it provides UV filters. For people living in sunny climates and those who color, or in my case gloss my hair, UV is an appreciated benefit.

Anyway.  Kitoko Oil works on all types of hair.

Try it you might like it!