Sponge Worthy?

Hehe, anyone who watched Seinfeld remembers Elaine’s quandary, when the Today contraceptive sponge company announced that they were discontinuing the product, and she asked herself of her date, “Is he sponge worthy?”

With only a limited amount of anything worth having available, how do you spend your precious time, calories, last years of youth?


For someone who loves her naps, in the afternoon, in the morning, in the early evening, I know I’m not with the right person if they don’t understand that a nap at some point during the day is a necessity for me.

Since, I basically freelance, how I schedule my time is up to me, and I am fiercely protective on how I spend it.

Now, that the man-in-my-life is in the picture, I’ve jiggered my work schedule around so I can loll around Saturday doing nothing but enjoying his company, doing the together thing.


Today, we celebrate all of our mothers and many of us make a trek to a buffet table, saving up our calories by skipping breakfast and wearing something comfortable so we can take advantage of the table of plenty.

But my mom, like myself, at the end of the day, will mete out how calories are spent.  For example, my folks both went for the sushi and seafood table for the first round, while I got an omelette.  I’m not sure about my omelette chef, because I really think my egg concoction was more scrambled than smooth and beautifully folded in only that omelette way.

With each trip back to the tables, we asked each other how was the salmon, the scallop, the pork loin etc., with the measure being, “Is it worth the calories?” 

All three of us have a sweet-tooth, though I think my own has seriously backed off-I still have some peeps from easter in my pantry as well as some chocolate easter eggs.

When it came to the lilikoi cheesecake, which had a thin glaze of lilikoi syrup, regular cheesecake, and then lilikoi flavored cheesecake on the bottom, I declared it, “worth the calories”.  I didn’t eat the crust, that was deemed, unworthy.


So it comes down to the issue of spending the last year’s of my youth. How do I make that decision? After spending years in a relationship that I feel the only thing I gained was the wisdom to not stay in a dead end the next time, I ask myself, will he always be this nice to me? Will conversations always be full of laughter? Fun to be around? Will he be “there” for me?

I think I’m on the right track, but how do I know and when will I know?


2 thoughts on “Sponge Worthy?

  1. You’ll never know! If he’s always there for you and the relationship always feels worth it, then great – if not, you’re still going to be okay. Life is just a huge experience made up of smaller experiences. Things will always change and you will always be okay!

    The calories are always worth it if they taste good 🙂


    • I agree on those calories! Yep, relationships are investments, some turn out great, others don’t but oh well!

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