Skincare at TJ Maxx, Ross et al-To Buy or Not to Buy?

I think everybody likes to save a few dollars when they can-but my question is, when you see product in aftermarket stores like TJ Maxx, Ross or even Nordstroms Rack…

How do you know if the product is “good”?

A favorite product line of mine is Elemis-absolutely fabulous UK line that I found when on a cruise.  On the cruise ships, they use so much chlorine in the shower water, that after a couple of my days, my skin was like an alligator!

I had brought L’Occitane Shea Butter Cream and believe it or not, after walking around the Roman ruins in Turkey, it just wasn’t happening. That plus the chlorine water-and my skin was drrrrrrryyyyyyyy.

I had a mani-pedi at the onboard spa and lamented the condition of my skin.  The nail person told me all of the staff used Elemis’ Milk Bath–technically this product is something you can put in the bathtub as a moisturizing soak, or it can be used as a lotion.

Most excellent results. Milk Bath has lactic acid (from the milk proteins) which have a gentle exfoliating property while moisturizing.  Got my skin back into shape.

Another great product for travel in a dry climate is Bobbi Brown’s Extra Skin Balm.  It’s like putting chapstick on your face – but in 98 degree, hot,sunny weather, I truly believe that is what saved my skin from becoming prune-like. I wear it on the plane for long flights as well-I won’t go so far as to wear one of those Friday the 13th cloth moisturizing masks onboard, but I will wear the Skin Balm.  Be forewarned, you’ll look dewey times 10-but at least your skin is protected.  I guess you can take a cloth and dab off the excess when you deplane.

I digress as usual.

So, the Milk Bath product was in a promotional pack at Nordstroms Rack with the cool little leopard purse/bag-but I hesitated.

Are the active ingredients in products sold in these stores-still effective?  Granted you’re getting a nice discount off retail-but are you also getting a discount off effectiveness?

Or are you paying a premium at retail for the guarantee of fresh product?

Something to think about-



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