BeTween the Lines

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but I’ve noticed since it was pointed out to me – that there is a lot of eye liner that is applied above the lash line, leaving a funny looking line of skin between the lashes and eyeliner.

I know, real minor stuff, but it’s so noticeable!

I think as I get older and need reading glasses to do stuff more and more, I try to be more careful about getting my eyeliner line pushed into my lashes.

The way I do this with a pencil eyeliner is from the top, push the liner into the lashes as I draw.  On the bottom, or actually the interior of the upper eyelid, I take my pencil and draw and color in the spaces in between the lashes.

This way it leaves no question that there is no weird looking line-plus you have the added benefit of darker, thicker lashes.  On a hot day you might forgo mascara with this look.

I also learned to do this with Laura Mercier’s tight liner–using the same technique, take your loaded brush and push into the upper outer and upper inner lash lines to get a nice intense line.

Having that funky bare line is right up there with tangerine lipstick and overly pink cheeks – so aging!