I saw Dark Shadows a few days ago and I thought boy, the editing of the trailer was a masterpiece! But the movie itself barely gave me a chuckle!  I had watched the series when I was in 3rd grade-didn’t give me nightmares like The Twilight Zone, but creepy nonetheless.

The thing that alarmed me the most was the formerly beautiful MIchelle Pfieffer. Her lips were blown up to twice the normal size.  She never was a chocho lip girl to begin with, but the overcompensation of the super-sized lips was pretty scary.

I thought the same thing when Sex in the City 2 came out-my first impression was, wow-the doc doing the botox on set must have made a fortune! Even the totally foxy Chris Noth had his expressions botoxed into oblivion.

So, it brings up the question of, how much is too much?

In our quest to be presentable to ourselves and to the outside world, how much are we willing to spend?  Willing to do?

How much does the salesperson have to do with what we buy? Or don’t?

I have to admit I’m a sucker for a new product if that’s what I’m searching for anyway. I’ve been trying to narrow in on a product for puffy bags under my eyes.  I’ve tried a couple of roll ons, chilled spoons in the freezer, chamomile tea bags, various high line serums and creams and happened upon a nifty little product by Kiehls.

It’s basically a roll-on stick of product that does a little moisturizing by sealing in whatever you put on before.  It’s kind of like putting on chapstick-it feels good and I think it helps a little with the puffiness.  I didn’t really believe the salesperson because around her eye area was pretty dry and spackle-like but I fell in love with the idea.

I guess it’s my own type of spackle.