Now Appearing on FaceTime!

I recently had the experience of communicating with the man-in-my-life who at the moment is 12,0000 miles away and floating around in a body of water.

Thing is, after him being gone for soooooooo many days, we tried doing FaceTime.

Of late, I have seen a couple of articles on the jump in botox usage and other cosmetic procedures in reaction to the upswing in video tele communication.

In my own experience, I chatted with him in my evening (his morning), my late evening ( his lunchtime) and my morning (his evening).  It’s funny because in my evening I still had my makeup from the day and maybe even later, and in the morning, what I calll my Saturday make up-not much-just brows, liner and lips.

So I know enough about video to make sure I wasn’t too shiny and to position my laptop camera so I could catch some natural light.  But as the hours ticked by, I think I looked okay but he told me I looked ‘tired’.

Granted I’ve been working waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more than I normally do-but I was like uhhhh.

Anyway-if you are going to use your laptop camera-in my case an apple-here’s a few pointers.

Moisturize and apply light foundation, and basically your regular makeup-but the secret is to dust a little HD powder.  I’ve been doing an appearance at an office where I  am freelance writing, so I’ve been doing my hair a little more, and wearing a little brighter make up.  When I catch my reflection in the mirror-I say-hmmm, nice, definitely a little brighter but in a good way – like I write a beauty blog.

But, in a blog to be–about being mouse-ee-I think my guy has gotten used to my Saturday morning look.  Some school days, he leaves I’m in my pajamas, he comes back and I am back in my pjs. I’m not an advocate for slapping on makeup when I get up – I’m into doing moisturizer, brushing my teeth, fluffing my hair and a little rose lip balm.

Anyway–the point is-when you take a photo or are appearing in a video-take a moment to put on a little color on your lips and take the shine down. No need to go the botox route for a video call- at the end of the day-it’s only the chemistry between you two anyway.