Another Year, Another B Day

Tomorrow is my birthday and this is probably my most public announcement of the event ever.  I’m not so vain that I want the years to just slide by unnoticed but anyway….

My birthday wishes in the realm of beauty:

I’ve asked my dermo for this for years-new set of skin on my face and body.  It’s pretty good with all the TLC I slather on-but there’s room for improvement.

A product that definitively takes off the little sun moles off my foot and various areas on my legs-curiously on my upper inner thigh.  I’ve been using the Philosophy Miracle Dark Spot product on my scar and that’s working, and the spot on my foot looks like the pigment is “breaking” up.  This particular product is supposed to inhibit the production of melanin while it is fading the spot.  It reminds me of the Nerium AD product in consistency and smell but Philosophy doesn’t come out and say they use the same secret ingredient.

A product that keeps my eyebrows at the right length and the right shape without the plucking and waxing-I love Stacie, she has made inheriting my Dad’s brows fun.

For Laura Mercier;  to combine her radiant primer and tinted moisturizer in the same product.  I mix them on my finger, or I put them on in layers, depending on how much time I have to get ready. I realize this is probably found in the illuminating moisturizing product, but that produces more of a white shimmer affect for me vs the golden shimmer color I get from the primer in radiance.

For my finger and toenails to be the perfect length and shape at all times. For nail color to last in perfect condition until I’m ready to change colors.

Honest and truly knowledgable sales people who are paid salary and not commission.  The only ding I give Sephora is the salespeople who really know nothing and just push their product.

To never have to shave my legs.

To never gloss my hair-but I’d miss Hillary J.

Long lashes. Never had them ever without the aid of Revitalash or mascara.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the original equipment that came from the parent factory.

I have incredible health. No high blood pressure, easily maintained weight, happy disposition, no major health threats looming, wake up with no aches and pains, etc.

It’s pretty good.

Thank you mom and dad!