La La Style

I’ve never been to Los Angeles with a native.

Much like being taken around with somebody who has local cred for living or being from Hawaii, being toured around with a LA local is a different experience.

Not to mention my guy is a “valley boy”.

Weeks up until the trip I asked him for an itinerary – where were we going, who would we see, dressy, casual, jeans, slacks, dresses or shorts?

I mean men just don’t think of clothes the same way women do.

What’s appropriate-what’s not. What’s too fancy, too sexy, too casual, too old, too young blah blah blah.


The point is I ended up with a suitcase of clothes that numbered the amount of options planned for a month-long vacation.


White jeans, white ankle-length, shorts, skirt – all white.

4 tank tops – from black to shiny to hot pink.

2 what I call “rumple” skirts-habutai silk skirts dressable up or down.

2 long sleeve knit tops.

4 variations on black t-shirts.

4 dresses appropriate for evening but wearable for day.

1 pink golf shirt ( I wore it to the Beverly Hills Hotel to have a drink at the famous Polo Lounge.  The shade of pink was exactly what the valets were wearing, plus of course my standard white jeans-I’m surprised no one tagged me to go trot after their BMW).

1 jean jacket-perfect for the plane. ( I always wear machine washable clothes on the plane – you never know what someone before sat on, in, over…..).

2 shawls – one turquoise pashmina, one black cashmere-really for the plane-it helps cutt down on cold air drafts and other things unmentionable!

1 shanghai tang evening jacket with mandarin collar.

Don’t get me started on my shoe options, but I took more than I wear on a typical week at home!

The heaviest thing in my suitcase is my make up bag-I tried to repack it but at the end of the day, I like options.

Laura Mercier – radiant primer, tinted moisturizer and silk creme foundation.

Make Up Forever HD Powder-perfect for setting make up and taking down shine.

Laura Mercier lip liner, 2 lipsticks, 1 gloss-but mostly I wear my Maybelienne Baby Lips Grape Lip Balm.

Bobbie Brown and Laura Mercier Brow Powder-the LM color is softer for day, the BB Mahogany is great for night for an intense look.

MAC Zoom Lash-my favorite. I’ve strayed to others but come back to this frequently. One brush and done. Now that I’ve been using Grande Lash MD for a month I need less and less mascara.

Laura Mercier blush and Bobbi Brown Hot Pink blush for a pop of color and to shade it to clothes with more blue in the color.

Plus skincare-Kiehl’s Power Concentrate Vit C, Rosa Artica, Clarins SPF40. Sample packets of ReVive’ Eye Renewal, SPF15 Sensitif.

Next week for a weekend on MAUI.

Packing list.

1 dress for Alan Wong’s new AmAsia.

2 shorts for the house and cruising around.

4 t-shirts.

Makeup that fits in a small Elemis box-everything has to do double-duty or in sample size.

What’s the difference? I know where I’m going.