Kiehl’s Nice to Nose


I don’t wear perfume-or at least rarely wear perfume.  I, like a lot of people will get a headache after awhile, or the fragrance will cause a rash (Olay’s Total Effects, Olay’s Smooth (something)).

We were wandering around Nordstrom’s in LA where the salespeople appear to be very anxious to make a sale.  Seriously, every counter we walked by someone would call out and ask if we needed help, etc.

I visit the Kiehl’s counter here in Honolulu, at least once a month to replenish something; Power Line, Creme de Corp lotion with spf30, Rosa Artica; so I’m pretty on top of their products.

A really great addition is their new Aromatic Blends—they come in shower gel, lotion and perfume.  My favorite is the Orange Flower and Lychee Blend.  It’s soft, non-cloying and the lotion formula is very moisturizing without being so much that it gets sticky on this side of the island.

Of course there are other choices, but I’ll leave it up to you to explore.  The web page dedicated to the blends is pretty cool-aromatic-blends,default,pg.html.