Facekini-Seriously Extreme Sun Protection


Ha ha ha.

My friend who knows I avoid standing, sitting,walking or otherwise being in the sun for more than a few minutes at a time sent me this article about the Facekini.

Apparently the desire to remain pale and protect one’s skin and premature aging has hit China with this scary looking take on protection.


What’s funny to me is it reminds me of those Korean face masks I use for moisturizing et al that make me look like Freddie from Halloween fright night movies.

I guess they are protecting their hair and scalp from UV as well.

It makes sense to me-just thinking about the ozone layer over China with the smog and stuff.  Re the Olympic Games in Beijing and the concern over the pollution and smog which affects the ozone lawyer which increases the amount of UV ray exposure.


I don’t see wearing these masks in Hawaii or Brazil or Florida anytime soon-at least on the beaches.

But maybe on the golf course?