Picture Perfect!

The last time a camera and I met professionally I did my own make up.  I had the idea that I would put on false eyelashes and even practiced.

But the morning of the first call, I just couldn’t see getting the stiff band of lashes on and skipped them.  I did get a couple of layers of primer and foundation on, made for HD, but when I see my face blown up, I can still see things that bug me.

So when it came time to renew my headshot for a talent agency, I called on Dorys Foltin of Maleana Cosmetics.

I’ve used Dorys over the years for my talent’s make up -Dorys can make anyone look absolutely flawless!  Her years of experience helps her choose the perfect colors that make the talent, like you, but better.

For myself, I went in bare-faced, except for a little sunscreen of course, and freshly washed hair.

Dorys started with my hair, smoothing it out with a flat-iron, teasing it a little bit around the crown.  She shared a tip – take dark or black powder shadow and dust it into your hair’s part.  This takes the attention away from the “bald”, white spot in your part so it’s less distracting.

After hair, Dorys blended her own Maleana Cosmetics cream foundation so it matched my complexion. It’s amazing how the right color foundation-that matches your face and neck, helps in creating a more youthful appearance.

I mentioned to her at the start that I would be considered for “mom” or “business woman” roles, so the makeup should be natural.

The colors she chose enhanced my features instead of shouting out.

In the end, I was very happy with my look!