The Only Road Leads Back To You

So, I zigged when I should have zagged, meaning I should have just stayed with my true blue Kiehl’s Rosa Artica moisturizing cream.

I veered off a steady course of superior moisture and purchased a jar of Origin’s A Perfect World – which at some point, I had had a sample of enjoyed the fragrance so much I wanted more.

In reality, the white tea anti oxidant based formula left me wanting for more.

More moisture that is.

Now that it’s getting a little cooler, I’d like more please.

Plus, I’m off to chillier regions via aero plane, so yes more please.

My heart leads me back to you,




1 thought on “The Only Road Leads Back To You

  1. Just wanted to add on the add on—the salesperson told me you are supposed to warm up the product a bit before you apply.

    Take a little bit and rub your finger pads together and then pat on the face.

    I do this anyway-but watching other people smear cream/lotion on their faces -it doesn’t look like they know about 1) warming the product and 2) patting instead of smearing.

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