OMG! What Smells?!!! Pas Deux

I like to travel but I don’t like to fly in the enclosed little environment they call the plane.

Nice thing is in my recent travels the bf got us business class seats going over the ocean to London-a long trip from LAX.

Just as we were settling in to the cushy, dentist office like pod seats, a flight attendant came by to store our coats.

That was nice, but OMG! she must have sprayed a whole bottle of some perfume on before she stepped on the plane!  It wasn’t a bad smelling fragrance-but when you’re in that little test-tube for 11 hours – a dab or less will do ya!

I remember a christmas long ago, my boss got me a bottle of Chanel’s Coco and offered the advice – “A dab will do ya!”

Sage words, as over powering smells give me a headache.

I once got a bottle of Fracras-a beautiful jasmine based classic.  I put it on and it got into my sweater.  At the time, I was young enough to go to one of those game centers and hopped into an enclosed ride that simulated space.

Needless to say, 5 minutes later, in the tight little pod-I had a raging headache and was nauseous.

Back to the original story line.

So, even the bf noticed that she had too much perfume on. For him to notice was amazing – he travels in his own little cloud of cologne which he knows also sometimes gives me a headache – but most times I cut him slack,

So I put my nose under the feathery down blanket for the entire time when she would walk by and so would her fragrance.

But really-in this time of holiday gift-giving, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone enclosed the same wise advice of a little is a lot?



Vett Me!

The first time I heard someone use the word “vett”, it was from a lawyer.

Me, not wanting to appear like I didn’t understand the word, listened further before I responded.

Some time after, I heard the word used again, and it dawned on me, “vett” is an “in” word. You know like, “flick”, “bling” et al.

Then the bf used it when I first met him–he being a marketing person like me, I think he was testing me by seeing if I understood the word without a blank eyed stare requesting explanation.


I was perusing the current issue of New Beauty magazine with Kate Hudson on the cover and it boasted their product awards were tucked inside the issue.

I love these kinds of issues because I always like to hear about new stuff.

Thing is…they highlighted Revive’s Moisture Renewal Cream as a great moisturizer for DAY.

Thing about that is–the silky product is for NIGHT only!

I guess you can use it for day if you wanted to – but the official Revive’ site states it is for day.

Then-top that-there is a whole section that precedes the physician directory about how “vetted” the docs and the products are –anointed with the New Beauty seal of approval!


I love the mag-but really!

Seriously? Someone needs a vett!


Nerium AD

Update 8/14/14

I as checking out Biologic Stem Cells-my friend gave me a sample so I found this site. Kind of scary about Nerium.

I’m a marketing person by trade so I like to look at my statistics on my beauty blog.

Consistently people find my blog on web searches for Nerium AD, WInam Street Studio and The Face Shoppe for its Korean foot mask.

I continue to go to WInam and last time I was at the Face Shoppe I stocked up so I pause to revisit my Nerium blog.

Like any pyramid product, Nerium enjoys natural word-of-mouth by the nature of how it is sold by individuals who have set up their own businesses.

There’s no question that the product works for some people removing wrinkles and age spots-but in search queries, I also see questions like, ‘nerium makes my eyelids swell”.

Which, the deal is, I make no claim that I am an expert on products, I just like to try a lot and have fun writing about them.

But, I have to wonder, if the people selling (sorry no offense meant) don’t tell people not to apply the product on their eyelids(a very sensitive skin area), or otherwise, do a test spot on the inside of their arm to gauge sensitivity, then….

they should.

Most beauty counter people are instructed to tell you to not apply face creams to your eyelids or even around the eyes. That may sound like hype to sell the additional eye cream product, but the face skin is not quite as sensitive as the eye area skin, and for that matter, the neck or decolette’.

I’ve frequently posted about what I call the zero-to-60 effect-if you never do, or rarely use a type of product, then using the product for the first time will probably show results quickly. You know, when you’ve been walking around all-day and the Clinique person takes her cotton soaked with their alcohol based cleanser and swipes it on the back of your hand taking off the accumulated dirt which she shows you the icky instant result.

So, yeah, some people will get results from Nerium, but for how long will it be effective?



Avene’s Serenage – Day Cream for Anti-Aging

While in Rome—-or er, while in Paris, do as the French do.

Okay, I don’t know for sure if Avene’ is French or not, but eau thermale’ is a hint.

I was walking around the main floor of Mono Prix’ – which I don’t know French but seems like it might translate to One Prize and reminds me really of Macy’s with a Walmart mix of products tightly displayed in a small footprint.

They lead the beauty section with Rimmell, L’Oreal and Cover Girl – so you can figure where the price point is.

Wandering a little further in–I see another section which had brands like La-Roche and Avene’.  For years I have seen both products listed in magazine reviews-La Roche for its sunscreen and Avene’ for its sensitive skin products.

Luckily the salesgirl spoke English!  The full product line of Avene is pretty extensive and there was a lot to choose from so guidance was appreciated!  The price point is very reasonable – when I have researched it online it was the shipping to Hawaii that has made me hesitate to press the buy button.


I bought an anti-aging day cream that comes in a slender pump bottle-from using Clarins and Orlane’, somehow French products require less product for the same effect. In other words, that little pump of product should do the trick.

On clean skin, or over a pinch of Kiehl’s Power Line C, the product invisibly melts into the skin without fragrance.  I have found however, that it doesn’t quite give me enough moisture so, I like it, but I probably need to explore the riche’ formula.

Next time I’m in Paris that is…..


Where’s Winam?

Out and about delivering holiday gifts I was in Kaimuki yesterday and stopped in to visit Hillary J of Winam (Street) Studio of Elle Magazine’s Top 100 Hair Salons fame.

The new space on 1122 Kokohead, which is above the post office, echoes the original Winam’s zen calmness.  The chocolate-y color scheme, floor-length mirrors and the natural fiber design touches totally add to the coolness of the new space.

The comfy sitting area is partitioned off from the salon and like before, has a private feeling where you can kick off your shoes, put up your feet and relax a bit.

My own appointment is later this month–being in Kaimuki makes it easy for me and feels like coming home as I lived in St Louis Heights for 17 years!

Post photos soon!



I Didn’t Get the Memo!

This past Saturday and then Sunday were off to a really late start as I went to ballet class and came home, ate lunch, took a nap and then was ready to do something.  Sunday, we all decided to do a few errands, and maybe go to Ala Moana shopping mall.  So we were dressed pretty casually – me in my pink Billy Elliot London t-shirt and shorts and slippers, and everyone else something like that.

We park over by Neiman’s and pretty much right away run into  family friends-who look nice-pretty blouse, heels and her hair done. Then her daughter comes by, just as smartly put together.

Feeling like a booger, I go to the ladies room and in there a haughty woman in a sweater dress and platform shoes with the telltale red sole, looks down her nose.(All the while I’m thinking, Babe, I know where you got that outfit from) – plus she’s too old for that sweater dress without military strength Spanx!


Walking around toward the Apple store-I begin to notice that we are on a fashion runway.  The younger women – 30 and under – are all walking around Ala Moana’s extremely hard on your bones cobble stone tile, in full mating dating regalia of high heel stilt platform shoes, short-to-long dresses, full make up and hair sprayed flat-ironed hair!

Since I am out of the age range and the mating dating game – I shirk it off.  I split with my shopping party to cruise on my own.

An hour or so later, I meet up with them and my bf has his previously untucked t shirt, tucked in.  He said ” I feel more put together.”

I guess he felt the same.

I guess were not in Kaneohe anymore Toto.