I Didn’t Get the Memo!

This past Saturday and then Sunday were off to a really late start as I went to ballet class and came home, ate lunch, took a nap and then was ready to do something.  Sunday, we all decided to do a few errands, and maybe go to Ala Moana shopping mall.  So we were dressed pretty casually – me in my pink Billy Elliot London t-shirt and shorts and slippers, and everyone else something like that.

We park over by Neiman’s and pretty much right away run into  family friends-who look nice-pretty blouse, heels and her hair done. Then her daughter comes by, just as smartly put together.

Feeling like a booger, I go to the ladies room and in there a haughty woman in a sweater dress and platform shoes with the telltale red sole, looks down her nose.(All the while I’m thinking, Babe, I know where you got that outfit from) – plus she’s too old for that sweater dress without military strength Spanx!


Walking around toward the Apple store-I begin to notice that we are on a fashion runway.  The younger women – 30 and under – are all walking around Ala Moana’s extremely hard on your bones cobble stone tile, in full mating dating regalia of high heel stilt platform shoes, short-to-long dresses, full make up and hair sprayed flat-ironed hair!

Since I am out of the age range and the mating dating game – I shirk it off.  I split with my shopping party to cruise on my own.

An hour or so later, I meet up with them and my bf has his previously untucked t shirt, tucked in.  He said ” I feel more put together.”

I guess he felt the same.

I guess were not in Kaneohe anymore Toto.