Nerium AD

Update 8/14/14

I as checking out Biologic Stem Cells-my friend gave me a sample so I found this site. Kind of scary about Nerium.

I’m a marketing person by trade so I like to look at my statistics on my beauty blog.

Consistently people find my blog on web searches for Nerium AD, WInam Street Studio and The Face Shoppe for its Korean foot mask.

I continue to go to WInam and last time I was at the Face Shoppe I stocked up so I pause to revisit my Nerium blog.

Like any pyramid product, Nerium enjoys natural word-of-mouth by the nature of how it is sold by individuals who have set up their own businesses.

There’s no question that the product works for some people removing wrinkles and age spots-but in search queries, I also see questions like, ‘nerium makes my eyelids swell”.

Which, the deal is, I make no claim that I am an expert on products, I just like to try a lot and have fun writing about them.

But, I have to wonder, if the people selling (sorry no offense meant) don’t tell people not to apply the product on their eyelids(a very sensitive skin area), or otherwise, do a test spot on the inside of their arm to gauge sensitivity, then….

they should.

Most beauty counter people are instructed to tell you to not apply face creams to your eyelids or even around the eyes. That may sound like hype to sell the additional eye cream product, but the face skin is not quite as sensitive as the eye area skin, and for that matter, the neck or decolette’.

I’ve frequently posted about what I call the zero-to-60 effect-if you never do, or rarely use a type of product, then using the product for the first time will probably show results quickly. You know, when you’ve been walking around all-day and the Clinique person takes her cotton soaked with their alcohol based cleanser and swipes it on the back of your hand taking off the accumulated dirt which she shows you the icky instant result.

So, yeah, some people will get results from Nerium, but for how long will it be effective?