Can’t Believe My Eyes

Through my marketing agency, I used to work with an ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon where my fascination with all things beauty really took off.

Yeh, I always liked to pat my face cream on, slather the sunscreen and use nice product, but when I started actually marketing the client as product…well, that kicked my obsession up a notch.

Then we parted ways…leaving a void.

Until recently, when I observed my new client, Melanie Tantisira MD, perform a “Madonna Lift”, a newer fractional eye lift procedure on a client.

The client has had a long term relationship of maintenance with Dr. Tantisira, starting with botox injections almost 8 years ago. Over the years she added dermal fillers to plump up areas and then….the new procedure became available.

The client previously had 3 treatments where the eye area around, under and slightly above the brows were treated with Dr. Tantisira’s fractional laser.  She has it fine tuned so she can go around the contours of the brow hairs for a complete treatment of the area.

Nadine Kam of the Honolulu Star Advertiser wrote a great story with the client’s experience if you’re a Star Advertiser subscriber the full story is available online, or signup.

The patient inserts special titanium inserts in their eyes which cover the surface of the eye and protects the eye when the eyelids are treated.  Prior to treatment, a numbing cream is applied to minimize and manage pain.

The whole reason for this post is–the patient shared her pre-Madonna Lift photos which showed she had significant bags under her eyes.

When you look at her now–it’s like she has no bags!

A couple of my friends have had traditional under-eye surgery and look fantastic- but why go under the laser scalpel if you don’t have to?

I, a serious pain-panty, am seriously considering the procedure.


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