Fresh Body Wash – Milky Milky

Oh-it comes in other flavors as well!  Not really flavors, Fresh’s body gels and creams for bathing and showering smell heavenly and are very moisturizing.

My friend and follower had a high recommend-(I’ve removed the name references and replaced them with “Fresh Fan”).

I have fallen in love with Fresh’s milk body wash.  Yes, the original milk scent.  The others are good but the smell of this one is so clean and soothing.  I give it as gifts and gave a bottle to Fresh Fan and she keeps telling me how much she loves it.  My best friend, Fresh Fan, told me she loves it too and to not ever give her anything different.  I use it after my long Saturdays at the Fresh Fan since it is a stressful day and jump into bed to relax.  I have to limit my use of it since it is $18.00 for a small bottle at NM.  I have always been in love with the Fresh milk body lotion and used it when I used to fly but since my body became sensitive to perfumes in creams, I have had to switch to Cerave lotion.  

I bought the Nectarine Milk fragrance, for years I have given them as gifts, but actually never gave one to myself.  Since I have been hard at work the last 3 months – I rewarded myself.

Fresh offers Sugar Lemon, and Sugar Lychee and Grapefruit scents too–but -I dunno the nectarine smell is something to rave about when I live in Hawaii and only have memories of summer fruit stands in S. California and beautiful nectarines ripening in the baskets.  Lucky we live Hawaii, but we can never buys pounds of anything fresh for a dollar.


The true test for a moisturizing shower gel or soap is whether I dry off and immediately feel like I need to apply lotion.  In the case of the Fresh product – I don’t!

Hey-I guess it saves a little money on the back end if you don’t have to buy lotion!