Skull Face – Lost Weight? or Just Old?

When I look at my face in the morning I usually can gauge if I got enough sleep or not pretty easily.  My right eye tends to sag a lot if I am tired and otherwise my skin texture looks kind of blah.

Or I feel if I lose a little too much weight, my face starts to look kind of skeleton-like – bony. Some people think this is a good look, but I just think I could eat more potato chips and slather on some butter.

After visiting Melanie Tantisira, a physician of ophthmalogy and aesthetic specialist – I now know some of blame can just be put on old age and aging and gravity.

And the fact that I sleep on my right-side and the tissue on the right temple is more flattened as a result.


But then, when my side of the bed was the left-side, I always slept on my left side – so does that mean I could even out eventually?

Knowing that most people are territorial about what side of the bed they claim–that ain’t gonna happen.

So – what’s the antidote?

Gain a pound or two?


Look at those firming – volume enhancing products? Just can’t see how a product can plump up your face.

Next step would be to add a little dermal filler.

Getting old is a bitch. Can’t lose weight without looking older, can’t gain weight that doesn’t go to my gut.




1 thought on “Skull Face – Lost Weight? or Just Old?

  1. Sweet! “Moving Forward” is so much prettier than Getting old…Seize the day!
    Page Larkin – San Francisco

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