Innie or an Outie? How Do Beauty Oils “Soak” In?

It follows that if a hole is too small, then nothin is going to get in right?

Last time I checked, when you put stuff on your face, most products sit on top of your face/skin and simply because the molecules are too big to get through the tiny little pukas to do anything- you know actually penetrate the surface.

So, I got my 12 skincare samples from Sephora the other day – and I have to say I am pleasantly pleased with the selection of:  Exfolikate, Korres Sleeping Facial and Cream, various eye creams, cleansers and oils.

Oils are the big thing right now.  Got one from Josie Maran for cleansing and one from NUDE for nourishing the skin.

I’ve tried Clarin’s oils to melt the make up so I’m willing to give Josie’s a try.

But I did have to laugh at the NUDE product.  What’s funny to me is we sort of know that we can ingest and otherwise eat things and they have benefit that shows up on the skin.  You know like eating salmon, blueberries, deep green leafs etc.

So the NUDE product states it is made up of omega 6-7 and 52 and together they will breathe new life into your skin.

Really now.

I think of oil on the skin much like the copper tone cocoa butter days of old – it stays on top your skin.

Kind of like eating a salad and the oil stays on top of the lettuce – technically it goes in side you too – but really, it just goes directly to your hips and gut.

Better to eat some potato chips with omega-three rich smoke salmon dip.  Or take some omega vitamins – just take the non-fishy smell kine tho.