Hello Old Friend–Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducer aka Power Line

I know I know I know the real name of the product by Kiehl’s that is my go to and now my go back to vitamin C serum.

I skipped a bottle and wandered around a bit trying different samples of serums like Lancome’s Visionnaire, Perricone’s Cold Plasma etc etc.

But I just thought though they were only samples–they were lacking.

Even when I had a 7 day sample of Lancome’s Genefique-I got a better result.


My heart goes back to you Powerful C

On days I think I ‘m a little dull

I know that you’re the one for me

Oh you, Oh C, Oh Kiehls you’re the one

Why pay more for products that do less

For the brown spots caused by my days in the sun.

I call you Power Line-but I really know your name

I’ll always come back to you

Oh Kiehls Oh C – you’re the one