Hair Today!

It’s always a pleasure to chat with Lincoln Whang of BOSS Beauty Outlet Supply right off of Nimitz Highway – he’s so knowledgable about everything hair.

When I first met him  2 years + ago, I was using S-Factor and Bedhead primarily because I loved the way they smelled.  As time went on my hair was getting drier-especially when I started coloring.

Lincoln introduced me to Neuma’s family of organic hair care and Kitoko Oil. I fully credit the change and upgrade to organic products along with switching to vegetable protein glosses instead of color with my hair’s healthy reemergence!

Organic products cost a little more but the Neuma products are really concentrated so you spend less in the long run.  Plus, Lincoln gave me this tip today.  After you shampoo, take a moment and towel dry your hair a little bit and get some of the water out.  Then, squirt in conditioner and proceed as normal.  He explained that a totally wet sponge can’t soak any more water up, and much like the sponge, your hair has a harder time absorbing the conditioner and getting the extra benefits when it’s still soaking wet.  Plus you use less conditioner since it isn’t getting diluted.

Another tip from Lincoln was after you use product on your hair, take a moment to work it through with a clean brush.  Otherwise your product isn’t distributed evenly – and for products with vitamins – they don’t have a chance to get to your scalp where you will get their benefit.

I know I could put Kitoko Oil on my face – it smells really good so I would like it anyway.  He told my friend today that whether your skin is dry or oily, it helps to bring your skin to an even keel-kind of calms it down. Works great on your hair too!

Now Kitoko Oil is producing a spray for UV protection – called Sun Defence UV Protect Spray.  It has Pomegranate, Red Bush, Green Tea, Karite & UV Filters  and Vit A & E.  The BF’s hair is thinning plus he is blue-eyed so he has been addressing precancerous spots on his head, so I pounced on this product.

Seriously, when I stand behind someone with really-fried hair, I want to tap them on the shoulder and ask if they’ve tried glossing and organic product?

After all, your hair and you are worth it—hair is in the top 5 things people notice about you right off the bat.



Stayed tuned for a progress report on the BF’s using the Revivogen product for thinning hair.  Developed by a dermatologist, Revivogen is a natural shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment that you spray on, easiest at bedtime, then shampoo out the next morning.  The system cleans the scalp of all the gunk and stimulates hair growth without unhappy side effects other products may have.