Clinique-2 Week Challenge-Repairwear Laser Focus

I have to preface this with it took me 5 minutes to find the product on clinique’s website.  On the opening slides, it shows the product paired with Laser Focus Eye Cream, but when you click on it – it’s like something that’s just out of your reach but you can’t get to it.

So I went back to the top nav and scrolled to concern-it’s interesting because the marketing doesn’t really firmly categorize what this product is supposed to be under.  After three tries-radiance, uneven skin tone and de-aging I finally found it.

Kind of aggravating.


I’m tooling around Macy’s and a nice gentleman at the counter asked to help me, but then he said he didn’t know about the promotion so he deferred to a nicely dressed woman who turned out to the store manager at macy’s ww mall.  She didn’t know the promotion -but did say she had started using the product and felt it worked.

The Clinique consultant was very nice – basically they give you a 2 week supply of the Repairwear Laser Focus for the face which you apply am and pm, on the face and under the eyes.  Then 2 weeks later you report back and they give you the same sample to continue on.  In affect, you get a month of skincare free!

What I didn’t ask was-should I put my moisturizer over this product?  It’s a serum – so serums go next to the skin, then everything on top.  But it wasn’t clear if this product is moisturizing enough to go it alone.

It’s not a fair assessment over last night’s rest with the product because the BF SNORED all night and kept me up. So I don’t think it is fair to say I look more radiant or not this morning.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Clinique-2 Week Challenge-Repairwear Laser Focus

  1. It’s been almost a week – and I can’t say I’ve seen an appreciable change. I am mostly watching the brown spots under my eye.

  2. Yesterday my face felt like it was “crisping” like it was starting to exfoliate. I used a washcloth to slough whatever may be crusting away. Feels ok this morning. Maybe the exfoliation is the start of the process for me. As I’ve said before, since I use so much product anyway, I think it takes products longer to work on me, if at all. If you’re someone who doesn’t use anything more than ponds or noxema, you’ll probably see a difference sooner.

  3. At the end of the day I decided to stop the challenge and quit at day 10. I felt that the skin around my mouth(nasolabial folds) was getting drier and omg! more pronounced!

    Seriously I am pretty busy doing the work I am paid to do, but I thought since the Macy’s WW Mall people were so nice, I should be considerate and show up for my appointment.

    The Clinique person registered a look of shock that I thought it didn’t work for me. I volunteered why it didn’t work, but she didn’t seem interested.

    Oh well.

    Like I said before, if you’re already at 60,it takes a lot more to go farther.

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