Embarrassing Bounty-Neiman’s Beauty Event

Ok-I’m not really talking about the stuff in the bag–the typical samples, Kiehls had their new moisturizer – Powerful Wrinkle Reducer, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Oribe Shampoo for Color etc. but I’m talking about me going overboard when I very well know I have WAAAAAYYYYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY too much stuff.

Color and otherwise.

I told the BF – I cant buy any more body lotion the other day.  I have Dr T’s Glycolic, Green Tea Moisturizer, Kiehl’s Orange Blossom. Laura Mercier’s Pistachio and the more pedestrian Johnson’s Baby Cream  – blah blah blah.

Luckily, there were no body lotions in the bag.

I did the presale with my friend last week and stocked up on Kiehl’s fav Rosa Artica and Biological Overnight Peel – I didn’t have to. but I bought a milk cleanser too.  (That was on the shopping list, tho Cetaphil is just as good).

Then the next day, I went with the BF to stock up on his Clinique Super Defense.  As my commission I charged him a mascara, so I could get the gift.

I need more stuff like a hole in the head.

So today, I’m tooling around with my bounty from the presale and loiter by Trish McEvoy.  The set was unbelievable! Eye basics, eye lift, creme foundation, new aubergine gel liner, shadow, lip gloss and mascara in their little binder kit! So cute – $150 for all, plus you get their gift, and the NM’s bag.

Limited Edition Resort Makeup Planner

Hmmmm-just went to NM.com to get the above pic and the gift is different.


So around the corner, I go to Laura Mercier – and the national makeup artist is there.  I’m just chilling out – and he asked if I was interested in anything.

Well–I’ve been thinking about the new eye shadow pallette-I can’t get it to copy but it’s the one with the blues, pink and purply brown.

Jeffrey did my whole face – I looked like me but brighter!

I got the LM lash curler – it’s one of those more compact ones – not like the squeezy ones like Shu’s.  Got tinted moisturizer compact and brow pencil.

Believe it or not – all stuff I did not have.

Oh BS – all stuff I did not have in SOME FORM.