Smoooooooothe! Neuma’s NeuSmooth Leave-In Conditioner

Mr. Lincoln Whang recently visited us at the HClub with all of his wonderful products.

Before I got serious about my hair and was still using the detergent they fill in the free dispensers at the gym, his giant rack of OPI and China Glaze nail polish caught my eye.

Fast-forward, and now that my hair is back in condition thanks to Hillary J’s PM shine glosses instead of ammonia based color and using organic Neuma products, I laggard, have finally gotten a flat-iron.

Janie-come-lately I know, but, I’m a lazy sort, but I do admire the sleek shiny hair on people and then just when everyone is going for big wavy volume, I go the other way.

(Sidebar-the BF and I have been watching the Bachelor and he remarked that Desiree’s hair looked oily  – like an oil-slick.  She was flat-ironed and shined-dropped).


BOSS new product is their NeuSmooth  Leave-on Conditioner and also NeuSmooth Revitalizing Masque.


Especially on days I use the masque, my hair blow dries like glass. I jut point the blow drier down the length of my hair and finger-comb it and I don’t need to straighten!

The leave-on conditioner is applied after towel-drying and then style as usual, or you can put it in dry hair.  I like it in damp hair.  It also has a great straightening affect and de-volumes my hair.

I like anything that makes my life easier.



I was going to put on a product photo but they haven’t updated their packaging.  The new product is in a pinkish bottle.