Recently I ordered Clinique Super Defense for the bf and thought I was getting a gift with purchase (GWP) that was mentioned on the Clinique site,  and also appeared on the Nordstrom’s site when searching for Nordstrom Clinique GWP.

I saw it but couldn’t recreate the gwp when I called Nordstrom’s to let them know my gwp was not included in my shipment. The Nordstrom’s call center connected me to the Clinique counter at some store location, where I was informed that there was no current GWP – you know the cool kind with moisturizer, a chubby stick, mascara et al – but only a step up of a $75 purchase where I would get a foundation brush.

Since I purchase only so much Clinique at any given time, it wasn’t something I was interested in, so with the salesperson’s tone of voice in mind, I decided to not push the issue.

Until, however…..

I got an email follow up from Nordstrom’s asking would I give a review of the product? I could, but whatever…I already blogged about it before.

Reading down I saw that they also were asking about the quality of the customer experience-which I filled out; being honest, rating everything high but added a little one liner saying I thought the salesperson used a dismissive tone of voice.

Not an hour later I got an email from the Beauty Stylist saying that Nordstrom’s was sorry for my experience, and that happily they would send the foundation brush as a gift.

It’s really interesting in that the response was so swift – I know in the day of email and the internet, anything can go around the world in seconds or minutes.

It wasn’t a bad experience – just thought I’d probably not fall over myself to buy the product from Nordstrom’s.  No biggie.