Origins-Not So Perfect World

The sign that a product really fails to perform for me is that instead of throwing it out I use it on my body or my feet.

Origin’s A Perfect World is a moisturizer with white tea as its’ chief antioxidant. I liked the way it smelled in the store, but it reminds me of the way Clinique’s product has that funny almost plastic consistency.

There’s no way of telling how effective it is or isn’t in terms of shielding me from free radicals with the antioxidants-but the real testimony is if I really don’t like something, the product skips being used on my feet and goes in the trashcan.


I like a few Origins products – I’ve looked at EyeZing–an eye cream with ginseng. But Ginseng is another fragrance I don’t care for.  I know about its amazing properties, but I can’t get over the smell.


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