BlogWorthy-See Me Clearly (Snark Warning!)

I wasn’t planning on going to the mall today, but the BF wanted his prescription sunglasses fixed so I said ok, I figure I can get some awesome chocolate mochi with peanut butter inside from Kansai Yamato.

So the only salesperson in the store was finishing up with someone-selling him some outrageous non-prescription shades for $500 plus tax!

That’s nuts already. But I guess the guy was on va-kay.

So, she acknowledges me, and said she’d be with me in a minute.

Ok-but after 20 minutes or so, I probably should have taken a seat.

If she was really on her game, she probably should have suggested that.

But she probably figured I wasn’t there to buy.


She finally gets to me, doesn’t thank me for waiting and asks, “what happened?” Or however she asked, it led me to ask her, “what do you mean?”

I said the “lens popped out when he picked them up from the counter.”

She then TELLS ME, most lenses pop out because the sunglasses were left in the sun.

She doesn’t SUGGEST, she TELLS ME, that’s why they broke.

Seriously, the people that get hired for these jobs amaze me.

Like they don’t want a repeat customer at Ilori – whatever happened to being tactful?

What makes it bad for the brands they sell; Tom Ford, Chanel, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Oliver Peeples – her bad sales behavior reflects on their brands.

Seriously, where do they get these people?