Sunscreen – Why Not?

I live in Hawaii-where we are lucky to have sunny weather a good part of the year.  Even when it’s a little chilly, we still have sunny skies.

So, this is a few years back, but me being a sunscreen promoter, I asked a woman whether she used sunscreen when she exercised outside.  She replied that she did not, and didn’t really see why-or some other answer that was not an explanation or rationale.

At the end of the day it was none of my business.

But, I had seen photos of this woman, who was still  very pretty in her late 50-s, though she had significant sun damage, as a young woman, she was one of those rare beauties that would take anyone’s breath away.

Most people in the 40-50-s age range in Hawaii, and most other places didn’t use sunscreen in their youth while baking on the beach, playing in the sun, or otherwise. But a good number of people started using sunscreen in their later years.

I started at 35-though I was still naive enough to think that if I applied before going out and hiking and swimming, it would magically still work.

The truth is I knew better, but would only occasionally re-apply.

The net-net of this blog is, when I’ve seen the woman recently, her skin has rapidly degraded so she looks much much older than her age.

I don’t get it.  Why wouldn’t you want to preserve yourself if all it takes is a little sunscreen?

You eat right, you exercise and try to live a happy life.

What’s the point? Is fitting into your clothes enough?