Peel Me! TonyMoly AppleTox Smoothing Massage Peeling Cream

Somethings are always lost in translation, others simply don’t supply the info.

Yesterday, I was in the mood for some Korean BBQ Chicken and have been awaiting the opening of Palama Supermarket’s new location.  It’s on my way to the LikeLike Highway so I’ve noted their progress.

They opened 3 weeks ago, so remembering the great BBQ and Korean sushi at the old location, I had high anticipation!

Unfortunately, the food concessionaires weren’t really open for business.  A couple were serving in the back, but they looked not quite ready for business, but they were serving food.

So I wandered by and the TonyMoly cosmetics department caught my eye.  It’s actually a small booth, chockfull of colorful products.

The packaging is very youthful and playful.  The owner, followed me around the small booth encouraging me to try the products, but maybe a little too much attention.

She pointed out to me, TonyMoly’s Snail Lotion, that whitens the skin.  I didn’t realize it had snail anything, until I asked her why a snail was on the package.

I got a sample of the two step serum and lotion, but I don’t know…..

I did buy the AppleTox.

I tried loading a photo but their website does not have the photos optimized so they load slow and they are hard to copy to insert.

Me with way too much foundation and moisturizers–the AppleTox is a peel based on green apple and papaya. It does not have any scrubbing particles, but works from the enzymes present in both fruit.

I tried it this morning, and because there are no directions on the package-left it on for an hour while I did work.

No harm done though.  The product smells good and feels a little chilly going on.  When you take it off with water and a wash towel, it feels peely, like some skin is getting sloughed off.

In SkinCeuticals CF product, after much internet research, I theorize the active ingredient is the same green apple enzyme in the Fleurectin.


The product line is inexpensive and cute.  When you go to their website, they have a huge product line of color and skincare all made in Korea.

I would try something else—next time I get a yen for Korean BBQ!